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40 years and counting

By Lindsay Tiles |

We’re in birthday mode here at Schwab, having just hit the milestone of 40 years in business.  Like any good party, we’re making it last as long as possible with a host of activities planned over the next few months, including a pretty incredible interactive history exhibit that will be visiting nine of our major locations in the coming weeks.  More details and photos to come in an upcoming blog post! 

We’ve also been taping brief videos with employees around the company about why they value working at Schwab and what the 40th anniversary means to them.  We’ll be featuring some of those videos and more fun 40th anniversary content very soon.

But in the meantime, we thought it made sense to kick off this Schwab Talk version of our birthday bash with some thoughts from two proud (and tenured) Schwabbies: Founder and Chairman Chuck Schwab and President and CEO Walt Bettinger.


Founder and Chairman Chuck Schwab


President and CEO Walt Bettinger