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A New Take on Customer Service – Schwab’s New Dedicated Service Teams

By Erin Montgomery |

Schwab is taking a fresh approach to serving its clients’ needs with its new Dedicated Service Model for active trader clients. Active traders, who by definition trade more frequently, also call more frequently and often have more complex service needs. To meet this specialized need, every active trader client is now assigned to a specific Dedicated Service team at Schwab. This means that when they call, they’ll be routed to the same group of experienced brokers who can provide tailored, in-the-moment, guidance on trading issues and who often serve as live sounding boards for clients who want to talk through their trading ideas. All of the brokers on Schwab’s Dedicated Service teams go through extensive training, so traders can be confident that someone who understands their needs is just a phone call away. Five members of these specialized teams recently shared their thoughts on what the Dedicated Service Model means to them, and to the clients they serve.


Kevin Bell, Denver, CO: “Being part of a dedicated model allows me to build strong relationships with clients on an ongoing basis.  When clients reach out to us with concerns it's invaluable to have a familiar voice on the other end--it enhances the client experience.  Additionally, in some cases we're able to provide clients with solutions and support before they're even aware that the need exists!"
Jeffrey Estes, Austin, TX: “Many active traders appreciate the value of discussing their trading strategies with someone they know and trust – a rep that is also familiar with their account and their trading needs.  As a member of the dedicated service team, I have the unique opportunity to really cultivate these client relationships.”
Kevin Horner, Denver, CO: “I believe Schwab’s dedicated service team is the cream of the crop for customer service in the industry. We listen to what our clients are saying and how they’re saying it, and this lets us offer proactive guidance and information that is helpful and, frequently, new to the client. Our clients express a great deal of gratitude for the help and insight we offer.”

Christopher Milton, Denver, CO: “Being part of the team means working together to get to know our clients so that we can handle their unique situations appropriately. We are able to build a relationship with the client on a more detailed level because we have the chance to speak to the same clients on multiple occasions, meaning we’re able to tailor our service to the needs of each specific client. We are also able to be much more proactive with clients to help them avoid situations that could become more complicated. The clients who call regularly know our team by the sound of our voices - one client has taken to calling me "Uncle Milty," which he enthusiastically greets me with as soon as I have completed my introduction. This familiarity allows me to strengthen our relationship and build trust over time.”
Colleen Paulsen, Austin, TX: “The dedicated model is just another example of Schwab striving to provide an excellent customer service experience.  As part of the dedicated team in Austin, I’m able to interact with our clients beyond a one-time phone conversation.  Speaking with our traders on a regular basis – some multiple times each day – allows me to provide even more effective service by better anticipating a client’s needs and tailoring my interactions to a client's preferences.  We truly know our clients – we recognize their voices, we may be aware if their stock has a big move, and we notice when we haven't heard from them in a while. As a team, we share information about our traders to spot trends, prevent issues, or identify opportunities.  I think our traders appreciate the personalized service and enjoy being supported by a team of brokers they know by name.”



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