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Who We Hire


Schwab employees come from many paths, and that diversity of experiences helps make us who we are. We have careers to fit the widest range of candidates – from interns, new challenges for military veterans, or roles for those with years of experience from other companies.

What’s Right for You?

Whether you want to work directly with clients or prefer a supporting role, all of our employees share a common purpose: to help everyone be financially fit. So it’s natural that Schwab would put a premium on candidates who share a passion for helping others.

One of the fastest ways to target your job search is by job category. But how do you know where your experience best fits at Schwab? Here’s a quick guide.


Schwab serves individual investors, institutional investors, independent advisors and bank clients through jobs in Brokerage Services, Banking & Trading Operations. These employees serve our clients primarily by phone from Schwab offices in Austin, Denver (Englewood), Indianapolis, Jersey City, Orlando, Phoenix, Reno and Richfield. Many but not all of these roles require Series 7 registration, and training is provided in all of the business units represented. Search for opportunities in these categories:

  • Banking
  • Brokerage Operations & Trading
  • Customer Service/Client Service
  • Retirement Services for positions helping companies manage 401(k) and other retirement plans
  • Stock Plan Services for positions helping companies manage equity compensation plans



Our branch office network is where many client relationships begin. We're looking for experienced professionals who are self-motivated, independent thinkers – people with a sincere desire to build not just portfolios, but long-term client relationships. Search for opportunities in these categories:

  • Customer Service/Client Service for positions such as Client Specialists
  • Financial Consultant for positions such as Associate Financial Consultant and Financial Consultant
  • Management for positions such as Branch Manager
  • Sales/Business Development for positions such as Portfolio Managers


Schwab uses innovation and technology to help meet our clients' needs. Whether it's developing new features like mobile applications or enhancing the way we work with internal technology, Schwab Technology Services is dedicated to delivering an outstanding client experience. If you're interested in open opportunities primarily in San Francisco, Austin, Denver (Englewood) or Phoenix, search now in the Information Technology category.


Employees in Schwab's corporate functions bring a number of diverse disciplines to our team and are key to the client experience. Corporate functions at Schwab include: Finance & Risk Management; Central Marketing; Human Resources & Corporate Communications; Legal; Business Continuity; Product Management; Corporate Strategy; and Investment Management. These departments provide support to all Schwab business units. Positions range from the associate level to managers, directors, vice presidents and above. While many jobs are located at our San Francisco headquarters, we also offer opportunities in other office locations including Austin, Denver (Englewood), and Phoenix. Search for opportunities in these categories:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Business Strategy
  • Compliance/Legal/Regulatory for positions such as Legal Counsel or Compliance Director
  • Human Resources/Training/Recruiting for positions in talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, employee communications, events and training
  • Marketing/Advertising for positions in advertising, brand management, creative services and public relations

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