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Whether employees are participating in Schwab Volunteer Week or donating their time and talents throughout the year, the focus is the same – helping nonprofits lift people out of poverty and improve their financial well-being.

Contributing Time and Talents

Serving our communities is an important part of Schwab’s culture. We provide paid time off for employees to volunteer, and we also organize a nationwide, week-long volunteer event called Schwab Volunteer Week, where thousands of employees volunteer with local nonprofits.

We support a vibrant mix of national nonprofit groups such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and The Salvation Army, as well as local schools, parks, food banks, cultural centers, and organizations that provide health and human services to women, children, families and seniors.

"Kids who were infants when I first started volunteering at Anchor Center for Blind Children are now five years old and moving into the public school system. It is such a powerful feeling knowing I have made a difference. "
— Gina Roth, Schwab Operations, Denver

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