Board Service


Schwab employees volunteer to serve on the board of directors for nonprofit organizations across the country. Board service generally requires a commitment of at least five hours per month, including attendance at a board meeting and committee meeting.

Board members are avid supporters of the organization’s work and help it fundraise, advocate, recruit volunteers, organize events and foster important alliances between the nonprofit and other groups. Board members also serve as in-house consultants, providing expertise in areas ranging from business development, social services and health and welfare reform, human resources and talent development, information technology and marketing.

Schwab employees agree that when it comes to serving on nonprofit boards, "I get much more than I give."

In California:

"I serve on the Board of San Francisco School Volunteers (SFSV) and have been the treasurer for the past three years. I do it primarily for two reasons. First, education is an important issue to me, I firmly believe in what SFSV is doing, and my background and skill set have been very helpful as my fellow board members and I have been turning around the organization. Second, serving on the Board has allowed me to meet 20 other like-minded members of the San Francisco community – men and women, teachers, lawyers and partners in private equity firms – all united by some common values. Quite naturally, several of them have become very good friends."

Peter Crawford
Investment Management Services, San Francisco
San Francisco School Volunteers

"Serving on the board of Intersection for the Arts is a great honor and is such a fulfilling endeavor. It gives me a chance to give back to my community and also allows me to support the arts, which I see as such a vital part of life. I feel fortunate to be able to support a cause that I am passionate about and to be part of a community of artists, students, and people who support the arts."

Jung Lee
Asset Management Products & Services, San Francisco
Intersection for the Arts 

In Connecticut:

“Serving on a nonprofit board has been rewarding, both personally and professionally. I know I receive much more than I give. The board members bring together a wealth of knowledge from various industries. We are working to help a 100-year-old visiting nurse organization become profitable in the face of increased competition. We encourage them to improve technology and efficiency and to embrace change. I'm very proud to work for a company that encourages me to get involved in my community."

Vicki Mueller
Fairfield Branch, Fairfield, Conn.
Visiting Nurse Association of Ridgefield, Inc.

In Ohio:

"I like serving on a nonprofit board because I enjoy using my talents and abilities to help others. It is also exciting to be a part of solutions for problems halfway around the world by bringing the spotlight to my local community regarding orphans in Ghana, Africa."

John C. Smith
Corporate & Retirement Services, Richfield, Ohio
House of Hope of Ghana, Inc.

In Texas:

"Nonprofit board service is a natural extension of core values at Schwab. In my current role as President of the San Antonio Opera, I have the privilege of working with a talented group of community leaders and visionary artists. The San Antonio Opera is one of the largest performing arts organizations in the city, providing professional opera to over 10,000 patrons annually. Nonprofit organizations touch a diverse population of residents and I value the time invested, both professionally and personally."

Ed Fulkerson
San Antonio Branch, San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio Opera

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