All in the Schwamily


December 10, 2020

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

Schwamilies are a special group here at the firm. And this Schwamily is no different. Meet two sisters and a daughter who make up a Schwamily that’s been with the organization in one form or another for many years.

Question: Please introduce yourselves and tell me about your Schwamily!

Jennifer: I’m Jennifer J. and I work on the Client Advocacy Team (CAT) here in Phoenix. My first stretch with Schwab started back in 1999 when my daughter was just two years old. She’s now here at the firm with me – which is pretty special!

Mikaela: I’m Mikaela F. and Jennifer is my mom. I started at Phoenix Peak in 2019 and work in Client Banking Services. I’ve loved my time at Schwab so far – and it was a really easy transition when I came to work here – I already had so many friends. I have memories of doing my homework in conference rooms when I was young.

Mandy: I’m Mandy M. I’m Jennifer’s sister and Mikaela’s aunt. I initially came to Schwab through a program called Build a Broker back in 1999 and I’m now a product owner in trading platforms. Fun fact – Mikaela sits in the desk I used when I first started at the firm.

Question: At times there have been others working at the firm in your Schwamily?

Mandy: Yes, my (and Jennifer’s) mom worked here at Schwab. Our third sister also worked at Schwab for a time as well. We really are a Schwamily!

Question: It’s really cool that we have so many families that love Schwab. Why do you think Schwab has been a place your family loves?

Jennifer: I’ve always felt like Schwab was home to me. Even when I left for a short time, I felt like I’d left home and I was excited to return. Schwab has always taken good care of me and my family. We’re one Schwab.

Mikaela: It’s just really cool to be with family. When we’re all able to be in the office together – I would just think, ‘What a delightful privilege to be together,’ every time I’d stop by and say hi to my mom or to my aunt.

Mandy: I think too, because we are so close in our personal lives, our relationships come in handy at work. For example, if I have a Schwab Bank question, I can call my niece. We help each other and we have complimentary roles.

Question: What’s something you wish people knew about Schwab?

Jennifer: Our people are amazing. Our CEO is awesome, he truly cares about our employees and clients and I think that really sets the tone for how Schwabbies live and work.

Mandy: I wholeheartedly agree with Jenn. I think our commitments have really shone in the past few hard months - the way we’ve taken care of our clients and each other.

Mikaela: This is my first job as a young professional and I always think I’m lucky to get to start with such a great company. The culture of Schwab is healthy and lively and full of people who care.