Celebrating PRIDE: Meet Stephanie


June is PRIDE month. And what better way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community than to get to know one of the outstanding Schwabbies who’s made diversity and inclusion part of her personal mission. Meet Phoenix-based Stephanie B.

Question: Great to meet you, Stephanie. Tell us about your background and how you came to Schwab?

Stephanie: Glad to be here! I spent most of my childhood in Tucson, AZ, but as I got older, I wanted to experience different cities so I’ve spent some of my career moving around the country – which has taken me to four states and several different cities.

I’ve worked in training for 20 years and I love it. I used to work for an RIA client, and we utilized a service team in Denver. I always say even back then, Schwab was my favorite company to work with and that I always wanted to come work here. I love the culture, the way we treat employees and that our priorities are right. We really live the values we talk about – things like seeing through clients’ eyes and work/life balance.

Question: That’s such a unique story. What do you do for Schwab now?

Stephanie: I work in Advisor Services on the Frontline Effectiveness and Enablement Team – we like to call ourselves FEET-FEET on the Street! We are tasked with enabling our representatives in Advisor Services. I really do love training. I love helping people -and making people feel better about themselves and the work they’re doing. I’m also experimenting with some video production work for training purposes which is a lot of fun!

Question: You’re also the Phoenix Chair of the PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG). Tell us about that.

Stephanie: I came out when I was 18 years old. But I was always active in my community and with social-justice issues. At prior companies I found it hard to be my authentic self, but when I got to Schwab and realized that we celebrated diversity, I was just so impressed. I’m excited to be leading our Phoenix PRIDE group. I also want to note that I’m a member of several of our ERGs as an ally. I’m a member of our parents’ group for instance. I’m not a parent, but I want to understand what that experience is like and support my colleagues who are parents. That’s why I’d like to invite all allies of the LGBTQ+ community to join their local PRIDE ERG; to get an understanding of our experiences and learn how to best support us.

Question: Thank you for what you do to support diversity and inclusion here at Schwab. I understand you’ve been at Schwab for about four years. Do you have big plans for a future sabbatical when you hit your five-year anniversary?

Stephanie: I do! I started a specific savings account for my sabbatical. My plan is to rent an RV and travel around the country for an entire month. I can’t wait.