Celebrating new moms this pandemic Mother’s Day


May 7, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

As we mark our second pandemic celebration of Mother’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to some of our amazing moms who welcomed new little ones into their lives during this unique time and hear some of their perspectives.

Julie - Austin, Texas

“My husband and I both work at Schwab and we welcomed our second child, Rosalie, in March of 2020.  Our wonderful Schwab colleagues threw us a baby shower on my last working day in the office before maternity leave, which also happened to be the same day the global pandemic was declared.”

Maggie - Omaha, Nebraska

“As a new parent in the pandemic I learned to cherish being content even through the most difficult times with a premature baby. The pandemic taught me a bond that I never knew I would have the privilege to form with my child.”

Jennifer - Jersey City, New Jersey

“As a new pandemic parent to baby Hannah, I learned how important it is to prioritize my health: physical, emotional, and mental. It was so challenging not to be able to see friends/family or partake in my usual hobbies during maternity leave, but taking time to go for a walk outside, connect virtually with other young moms, or listen to a podcast helped me immensely.”

Aven - Westlake, Texas

“As a new parent in the pandemic I learned… to stop and just be truly thankful for quality time (and for FaceTime, which is the only way many of our family members have “met” our baby boy). And that when you’ve only met a finite number of people in your life, even a semi-public place is pretty mind-blowing.”

Julie - Austin, Texas

As a new parent in the pandemic, I learned to enjoy the little moments. With inconsistent childcare it was hard to multitask, but I realized the importance of compartmentalizing my time. Work and life blended throughout the day, but when I was doing one or the other, they were my sole focus. It really helped me enjoy everything more, between work wins and soaking in the extra time with my kids.”

Mollie - Omaha, Nebraska

With the birth of our third baby during the pandemic, I truly learned to embrace and appreciate the slowness of the day-to-day. Honestly, this season of life has been a busy balancing act – I have three babies ages five and under and they need me for a lot of things – but I’ve found that in the little moments of our togetherness is where our big family memories are being made. With this being my third baby, I know how precious and fleeting these first months (and years) truly are. So I’m soaking it all up (and sniffing in that sweet new baby smell) as much as I possibly can. If there’s one thing I know to be both true and heartbreaking, it’s that babies don’t keep. “ 

Amanda - Austin, Texas

“As a new parent in the pandemic I learned that moms are capable of ANYTHING (like giving birth without your husband/family present while wearing a mask – yep I did that!) I also learned that the pandemic brought both blessings (getting to spend more time with my kids when their daycare closed!) and curses (getting to spend more time with my kids when their daycare closed!)”