Alan Graham, sporting a white beard, glasses, and a baseball cap and buttoned-down shirt emblazoned with the Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) logo sits facing the camera in a room in the Community First! Village.

Alan: We don't have to help other people. It's not mandatory on our part, but I just believe that it's innate in who we are as human beings that we want to help other people.

Light, upbeat music plays. Alan stands smiling outside at the Community First! Village. Behind him, the area is completely lit up with Christmas lights.

Onscreen text: Alan Graham, Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Alan [off-screen]: My name is Alan Graham, and I'm the CEO and founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

Old photographs show Alan and his wife at their wedding and Alan in a business suit and tie.

Alan [off-screen]: By about 1984, I built one of the most significant real estate brokerage and management operations in central Texas. But I was absolutely freaking miserable.

Alan walks through the Village grounds. The trees are bare and the light in the sky is dim.

Alan [onscreen]: And I go, "Sweetie, I have this idea. There are hungry people on our street corners. Let's go feed people."

Old photographs show the MLF pickup truck with a catering bed; Alan and a woman smiling in front of the truck; Alan and three other men sitting in the back of car showing a piece of paper with a picture of the pickup on it; Alan and another man holding a heated food carrier, the trailer behind them loaded with fruit; and a long line of homeless people waiting to be served food from the truck.

Alan [off-screen]: So we went and bought a pickup truck, put a brand new catering bed on it, and . . . it just blew up.

Alan [onscreen]: Today, we have served over five-and-a-half million of those meals to Austin’s homeless and working poor people.

Still photos of two women making a tableful of peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and people being served food from the MLF truck are shown.

Alan [onscreen]: We have a phrase within Mobile Loaves & Fishes that says, "Housing will never solve homelessness, but community will."

Alan walks across the Community First! Village. Some buildings are under construction. A man in a construction helmet and yellow vest shows him architectural plans spread across a table.

Alan [off-screen]: 2004 I got this idea to go out and lift one guy up off the streets into a privately owned RV park—that ultimately led to build an RV park on steroids, which you're sitting in the middle of right now.

Aerial shot of the Community First! Village, the Austin skyline off in the distance on the horizon. Three people are walking dogs in the middle of a street. The camera pans over the tree-lined streets of the Village and its homes, mobile homes, windmill, gardens, and greenhouse.

Onscreen text: Community First! Village, Austin, Texas

Alan [off-screen]: Here we are 14 years later, in the middle of a 51-acre master planned community, that when fully complete will be home to around 500 formerly chronically homeless men and women.

A series of Community First residents stand in front of their homes smiling. One home has a wreath on the door, while another has an American flag on the porch. One man holds in his arms a small dog wearing a sweater. A woman sports large, purple Prince-symbol earrings. A man turns in a circle in his motorized wheelchair. Others chat with Alan, who has his arm around one of the residents.

Alan [off-screen]: This isn't just a place to find a hot meal or a comfortable bed or a clean bathroom. It's a place to learn, a place that we can call home.

A middle-aged man, a Community First resident, sits in a room in the Village.

Male resident [onscreen]: They really do care about you on a personal basis out here. I'm supposed to be here.

The man wears a winter cap outside under a tree, his breath visible on the cold day. He waters plants in the Village’s greenhouse.

A middle-aged woman, a Community First resident, sits in a room in the Village.

Female resident [onscreen and then offscreen]: I came from being a very broken person, to going to school, to getting married.

The woman walks down a Village street lined with mobile homes. She stands smiling in front of one of them.

Alan talks to a man in front of his Village home. The man, goateed and tattooed, is cooking on his grill. The man shows Alan a framed picture of himself in front of his home. Next to that is a wooden placard that reads “Shorty’s Place.”

Male resident [off-screen and then onscreen]: These people, they're paying the rent every month. They're maintaining themselves and the outside of the house. That is far better than where they were without this place.

A man unlocks the front door of his home and throws the door wide open. An aerial shot shows the Community First! Village and the surrounding area.

Alan [off-screen]: Each of us are created with two desires: One is to be fully and wholly loved, and the other one is to be fully and wholly known. Let's go make that happen.

A single note is played and held across the final screens.

Onscreen text: Since 2010, the Charles Schwab Foundation has donated $30 million in direct grants to heroes like Alan Graham who share our commitment to building a better future in our communities.sTo learn more or lend your support to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, visit

Charles Schwab logo appears.

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