Hear from the Chairmen of Charles Schwab & USAA

CHUCK:  Hello, I’m Chuck Schwab. I’m Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation, and I’m so pleased to have my friend Tom Fargo, who is Chairman, also, of USAA be with me here today to talk about a few interesting things that we’ve all planned together.

TOM: Hi, Chuck. It’s great to be with you. I know we’re all working in different ways right now. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about the future, which I think is really very exciting.

CHUCK:  Absolutely. I think the transitioning of clients to the Schwab organization will be a fantastic thing for both of our organizations. I think we’re going to add additional services that I think your clients may want to have going forward, and we’re very thrilled.

TOM:  We looked long and hard before picking someone to work with in this particular space. And I think our missions are very much aligned, and you can provide our members a wider range of products and greater pricing. And so we’re really looking forward to moving forward. And you’ll clearly meet our brokerage and wealth management needs in a great fashion and high standard.

CHUCK:  Well, I’ve been certainly a fan of USAA for many, many years. I know the level of service you provide.  It’s a real honor for me to be the firm that you guys have selected to transition with. I know we share the same values. We want to make sure we do the right thing always for every one of our clients.

TOM:  Well, I know our members are particularly happy that many of our investment management professionals are moving to your team, and they’ll be great teammates for you. I know the folks that I’ve been working with in the last couple years are moving over. So this will make for a very smooth transition.

CHUCK:  And I think that’s what both of organizations are known for, high levels of service, really deep care for our clients, and always be open to additional service, 24 hours, seven days a week.

Well, I can’t tell you how much I respect the members of your organization and what contribution they’ve made to America. I think it’s a great… a great honor for us to be able to serve you guys.

TOM:  Well, here’s to the future, Chuck. I think it’s going to be very bright, and we look forward to working closely with you.

CHUCK:  Thank you, Tom.

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