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I would say the average day for a service professional is different. It's never the same. You just have to be ready for anything.

Our client is our number one priority. And so our goal is to make sure that we are there for them and that we're prepared to take care of their needs. And so our day-to-day involves working with people, working with their finances, and really impacting their lives.

Team dynamic is totally important.

Being with a team that you can have potlucks with, play games throughout the middle of the day, we may have a little golf thing in the middle, we may play Monopoly between calls. But we make sure that we're staying connected.

Another big part of our day is our chat. So our chat feature allows us to talk and conversate to make jokes and also asks questions on things that we get stuck on because it's really important that you have a support system in this role.

The support that I receive when I really show a passion for leadership was amazing. And it started with my manager. I was vocal to them about it. And so what they did was gave me opportunities to do peer-to-peer coaching. Then, my director, she nominated me to go into the aspiring leader program. And that was a great opportunity.

And then on top of that, lastly, planned for me to get my licenses, my 910, which truly makes it official from a title standpoint and from a regulatory standpoint.

My personal goal today is truly to impact somebody in a positive manner.  I think if I'm able to impact someone, whether it's show them that somebody is thinking about them, a handshake, a smile. But also from a leadership standpoint, be able to impact somebody's career, be able to speak life into their career, be able to guide them through navigating through the corporate world.

My goal is to have impact. And so if I can just impact one individual every single day, then I've done my job.

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