I’ve been at Schwab for 28 years and it’s been great.

What’s kept me here at Schwab all these years is, of course, the relationship that I’ve built with all my coworkers, and, mostly, the relationship I built with our clients.

Being part of the backbone of the branch, I’m there to support the branch, itself, as well as our clients, being the doctor fix-it for all the machinery, since I was probably there when it was first installed.

But knowing what to do and how to handle, mainly, like the branch lobby, how to make it work smoothly, and make the whole office work smoothly.

Well, what I like to do for all my coworkers is bake cakes for them. Whenever someone new starts, I usually try and find out what their favorite cake is, and, as well as their birthday.

I love working at Schwab because I have a great group of people I work with, great clients that we work with.

Every day is a different day, and there’s always challenges and there’s always changes.

It’s always fun to see what’s going to come up next.

Me, as an individual, working with Schwab has educated me as an investor, being in this industry, learning about the importance of saving up for retirement.

When I started working at Schwab, everything started to fall into place. I understood what retirement accounts were, and the importance of investing, and what mutual funds were, and getting to experience it myself, and that made a big difference.

That’s my Schwab story. What’s yours?

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