Hear about Schwab's vision to be the most trusted name in investment services

“…Schwab is a place that I think has deep empathy for people who start out in life with meager beginnings... but they have a spirit, a spirit about the opportunities out there...”

“… I studied investments quite a bit through school and got to know the landscape pretty well back then… It was very much closed off to the common man…”

“and I began becoming very aware of all the kinds of abuses that I saw towards individual investors…”

“And so…I started to form in my own mind, the kind of company I wanted to develop, one that was really focused on individual investors…”

… That mission of ours was to make it more and more open, for the public to invest and discover…”

“…So we laid-out to bare all the costs…and that’s why all of a sudden…we saw floods of people, average people coming to firms like Schwab”.

“And it was this transparency that really, I think, above everything else made the public see the advantage of dealing with firms like ourselves…”

“Investing is – in a country like America – is absolutely essential for almost everyone…”

“And when you go to – investing – it requires engagement…”

“...engagement is about commitment. It’s about spending time on the things that are really important to you. This means asking tough questions, doing your homework.”

“…there’s nothing more powerful for someone to accept the fact that they are truly the owners of their own future…”

 “and Owners are engaged. They don’t let someone else run their life. They run their own life. They take full responsibility for their outcomes.”







From the beginning, Schwab has championed investors, and the advisors and employers who serve them. We measure our success by getting investing right for our clients so they can achieve their goals and take charge of their financial future.

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