Amy shares her story

My name is Amy Reback and I'm a regional market executive at Charles Schwab.

I came to Schwab because it had such a tremendous reputation both in financial services and in the world of clients.

I became a client of Schwab and the people that I knew that had worked at Schwab they talked about it with such passion and they really felt connected. I could tell they were part of something that was bigger than themselves. And that was something that I did not have at the time and I really craved. So coming to work for Schwab was really fulfilling a need that I had not found elsewhere.

So Schwab is a great place for people to work who don't have a traditional financial services background, who are returning to work after maybe starting a family or even veterans because we have a tremendously supportive environment.

We have employer resource groups so people can connect\ with those that maybe have similar backgrounds as they do.

We are a company made of real people and we will train you to know as long as you have a passion for what we do and a passion for serving clients we can train the rest.

“At Schwab, as long as you have a passion for what we do, and a passion for serving clients, we can train the rest.”
Amy Reback, Vice President and Regional Market Executive at Schwab

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