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Zach Bolena:    00:05    The user experience is inclusive design, so basically creating an inclusive environment for everybody. So when we deal with accessibility, and we address accessibility, we're basically making a good user experience for everybody, making it easier for everyone.

Zach Bolena:    00:22    But web accessibility pretty much means taking away the barriers that people with impairments and disabilities have, so they can interact online. For instance, someone that may be blind or have a vision impairment, being able to get online and interact with their accounts and accomplish the same things—check their summary, make a trade, transfer money, and do things like that—through a screen reader without actually being able to look at the screen itself.

Zach Bolena:    00:50    The Schwab Mobile app...  The team that I worked with was really great. From the very beginning they engaged with me. It takes the entire team to address accessibility. It's not just one role or one person. It goes from inception and from the product owner themselves, making sure that accessibility is addressed in every aspect of the development and design process.

Zach Bolena:    01:13    Evangelizing empathy is extremely important in this role. It helps to change the culture and get people to empathize with the disabilities, and the struggles and challenges others have. On a daily basis, many people won't go through those struggles and challenges, and so they won't know—so opening their eyes to that. This role enables me to actually make a difference in people's lives and help people.

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