Soft piano music plays.

Onscreen text:

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

Board Chair and President, Charles Schwab Foundation

Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, wearing a white blouse, sits in a blue armchair, flipping through a photo album. The scene shifts to a view of an ornate white clock tower in front of an ocean harbor full of boats.

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz [off-screen]: I grew up seeing my dad extremely passionate about democratizing investingmaking it more accessible, getting rid of the conflicts of interest in our industry. I mean, let's face it, he's a financial icon.

The camera cuts to a framed black and white photo of Carrie and her dad, Charles Schwab and pans across a wooden plaque reading “Chuck Schwab” on the wall. The scene shifts to Carrie sitting at a large conference table with a large group of people. The people at the table are all listening to Carrie intently. There’s a screen on the other side of the room showing the first slide of a presentation reading “Leadership,” “Council,” “Convening.”

Carrie [off-screen]: But he's always been a leader in the philanthropic space, and he's really passionate about our community, as well. And it was that passion that I think gave me the inspiration to become a philanthropist, enabling me to impact the lives of the underserved.


Onscreen text:

Chuck Schwab

Chairman and Founder,

The Charles Schwab Corporation

Chuck Schwab [onscreen]: I always felt that kids should develop their own pathway to their future because really, it's the passion you have for what you're doing that is gonna drive you forward to do better. Carrie really came forward and developed her own feelings, her own passion for what we're doing at this company. And I am very proud about the fact that she sort of assumed this role.

Carrie sits at an office desk, writing on a pad of paper. She speaks to a man and woman seated across from her. 

Music intensifies and adds violins.

Carrie [off-screen]: As President of the Charles Schwab Foundation, I'm completely focused on creating accessibility to financial literacy for all.


Onscreen text:

Charles Schwab Foundation’s mission is to help individuals and families achieve lifelong financial well-being through education, volunteerism and advocacy.

Carrie [off-screen]: We're empowering people and giving them the tools they need to take accountability for the future.

Carrie smiles as she walks down the sidewalk of a city street. A building with a sign \ that reads “Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco—Don Fisher Clubhouse” appears. Carrie enters the building and is greeted with a hug from a man who appears to work there. She then stands behind two young girls as they look at a computer and points at something on the screen. She smiles and high-fives a young boy sitting at another computer.

Carrie [off-screen]: I'm most proud about the partnership with Boys & Girls Club. They are an organization that serves four million kids around this country, and who also have a dedication to [each] individual’s future.

Carrie laughs and speaks with a group of teenagers sitting around a table in a classroom.

Carrie [off-screen]: With all the programs that we provide, my biggest hope is that I inspire and that I engage people in their finances.

Carrie sits at an office desk across from her dad, and they laugh together.

Carrie [off-screen]: If it weren't for my dad, I'm not sure I would be having the impact on others' lives the way I do today. He really gave me the inspiration to impact the lives of the underserved, on behalf of Schwab and on behalf of the community.


Onscreen text:

Charles Schwab

Own your tomorrow®



Charles Schwab Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization funded by The Charles Schwab Corporation. The Charles Schwab Foundation is classified by the IRS as a charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation is neither a part of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), Member SIPC, nor its parent company, The Charles Schwab Corporation. Boys and Girls Clubs of America are unaffiliated with Charles Schwab Foundation and The Charles Schwab Corporation and its affiliates.

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