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Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Bank. My Path. Investing in our communities.

Alexis, a young African-American woman, walks past shopfronts in her neighborhood. Amadeos, a young Hispanic man, walks down a sunny alley with brightly painted murals on the building walls.  

Onscreen text: Low-income working youth need access to financial tools to get ahead. 

Margaret Libby [off-screen]: Anything you want to do in life, if you want to go to college, you want to start a business, you want to travel, you really need tools to save or borrow in order to realize those goals and those dreams.

Onscreen text: Margaret Libby, Founder & CEO, MyPath

Margaret, in a charcoal-gray blazer, print shirt, and black-frame glasses, sits in her office.

Margaret: There's real structural barriers in front of a lot of young people and especially low-income youth of color.

Onscreen text: Alexis, MyPath Program Assistant

Alexis, wearing a zip-front jacket with the MyPath logo, sits in Margaret’s office.

Alexis: I really didn't know what financial tools were.

Onscreen text: Amadeos, MyPath Youth Program Assistant

Amadeos sits in the same office, also wearing a MyPath logo jacket.

Amadeos: A lot of banks don't really offer youth their own accounts.

Onscreen text: Norel, MyPath Youth Participant

Norel, a young African-American man, sits in a light-filled room.

Norel: If you're able to make the money by yourself, then you should be able to bank by yourself and keep track of that money by yourself.

Onscreen text: MyPath has helped 4,500+ young people bank, save, and build credit.

A group of several young people, including Alexis and Norel, sit around a conference-room table, holding a discussion.

Margaret [off-screen]: The vision of MyPath is really that every low-income young person in the country who's earning a paycheck has the opportunity to make that not just about income but about lasting economic mobility.

Alexis works at a computer, then addresses the group around the conference table.

Margaret [off-screen]: One of the biggest ways that Schwab has supported us is by giving us the grant to bring MyPath savings to Reno, Nevada. That really created the first opportunity for us to test this model in a community outside of San Francisco.

Margaret [onscreen]: The way that MyPath goes about doing this youth financial capability work that we do is by establishing partnerships with youth employment programs.

Onscreen text: MyPath has partnered with 70+ youth employment programs and 8 credit unions in 11 cities.

Margaret answers the phone from her desk at MyPath.

Margaret [off-screen]: So we work with them to integrate banking, saving, and credit building into their program.

In a photograph, a group of MyPath students stands with their arms crossed in front of a Check Cashing establishment. Alexis then talks with an employee who is behind the counter at Self-Help Federal Credit Union.  

Alexis [off-screen]: I started off using check cashers when I came here, and that's not the healthy pathway. And once I came here and got into the program and started learning all these different things, I realized how important financial tools are.

Norel walks up to an ATM machine at Self-Help Federal Credit Union.

Norel: I'm actually just tried to start a fresh start loan so I could start up some credit for myself. It's kind of like a reverse loan. You get the money at the end instead of getting it at the beginning.

Amadeos chats with someone at work while sitting at his desk with headphones around his neck. He then walks down a sunny side street with colorful murals.

Amadeos: I learned about money management and savings. That really helped me out in the real world, because when I did get my first job, I was able to save my money, manage it wisely, and not go out and spend it recklessly. The money that I do have in my savings account is constantly building and building.

Onscreen text: MyPath has helped young people save over $1,500,000 since 2011.

Margaret: What we want young people to have in front of them when they're earning their first paychecks is this financial capability pathway.

Alexis and Norel walk down a busy sidewalk together, with signs for MyPath and, next door, Self-Help Federal Credit Union behind them.

Alexis: It's important to have these habits implemented while you’re young, so when you get older you're strong enough to handle these different challenges that comes towards you.

Norel: For me the perfect idea for how you should act financially is that you're starting one thing, but you're looking towards another thing. [FK1] 

Amadeos walks down a busy sidewalk on a clear, sunny day, then chats with people at work.

Amadeos: Now when I want to buy a car, when I want to buy a house, there are other steps that I have to take, but I'm well prepared. And I have a good foundation. I have good knowledge on how it is I should reach that goal.

Margaret: They're saving 30% of their income, which is amazing when you think about young people who are helping their families, they're contributing to their family income. And I think it really is a testament to the fact that if you put these opportunities and these tools into the hands of young people, they are going to use them, and they're going to do amazing things.

Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Bank. Own your tomorrow®. MyPath.

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