Most people want to see the world change for the better, and the nonprofits that come to the Schwab Pro Bono Challenge, they’re actually doing it. They’re changing the world by changing their own neighborhoods, their own streets, their own backyards.

Across the country, city by city, we’re working with nonprofits to help them overcome the most pressing challenges in their communities, whether it’s hunger in Dallas or shelter in Orlando. We’re sharing our expertise to strengthen nonprofits, and the positive impact they have on our communities and the people they serve.

Here, in San Francisco, that means working with our local nonprofits to help them fight homelessness.

Welcome, everybody.  This is our fifth year of doing the Pro Bono Challenge.

Today, we have 48 Schwab employees working with eight nonprofits.

We have data analysts, strategists, user experience and marketing experts.

We had more people sign up for the challenge than the room can actually hold.

We decided to work with Schwab employees not just because they have incredible financial expertise that will benefit our organization, but also because they’ve shown that they’re passionate about our work.

The team we have is fantastic, they’re analytical, and they are relationship managers.

So my team already feels very supported in the analysis that they’ve done.

Today, I hope that our nonprofit partners will walk away with really tangible things that they can do implement against to help them achieve their missions.

This is one of the of the ways that we can help and be able to take care of things that are in need in the neighborhood and in the streets, block by block, person by person.

These issues are nationwide issues, and so it’s encouraging to know that there are folks who are doing such good work to address it all across the country.

I truly believe that with focused attention and intention anything is possible.

This is how you change the world… city by city, block by block.  73 nonprofits, 450 Schwab employees working together nationwide to improve our communities, block by block.



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