Light, heartfelt music plays throughout. In a large room, groups of people sit around tables strewn with papers, notebooks, pens, napkins, and coffee mugs. There are also many easels with large pads of paper on which are written notes and diagrams. At one table, a bald man in glasses speaks to the men and women gathered, who pay close attention, nodding and taking notes. Quite a few of the people in the room wear Charles Schwab–branded T-shirts.

Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Pro Bono Challenge leaves lasting impact.

Onscreen text: Justin Renfro. Program Manager, KIVA.

Justin Renfro: What we've done today has huge potential to transform how Kiva works and really forces us to reevaluate where we're at, what we're working on, and how we think about what we do.

Onscreen text: Mark Washbush. Chief Operating Officer. Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.

Mark Washbush: Through this process, what we really understand—and we're getting very clear about—is not only are we working with youth in terms of their own enrichment, but we're enriching the lives of our staff as well. So there's no real separation or distinction between youth development work and the professional development work that we're doing with our staff.

At a table, a man with a ponytail and a Charles Schwab T-shirt sits in front of a laptop, speaking to his tablemates while smiling. Two women in professional attire sit across from him, listening and smiling.

Shana Beal wears a blazer and scarf and stands in the busy conference room.

Onscreen text: Shana Beal. Development Officer. EARN.

Shana: We came away from today's workshop with a long list of activities that we can do as an organization to leverage our brand as something that EARN is a leader in the field.

Onscreen text: Danielle Holly. CEO. Common Impact.

Danielle: We've had organizations say, "I didn't just walk away with the deliverable that was scoped. I walked away with a new way of thinking."

Danielle stands on a small stage in a conference room. A presentation runs on a projection screen as she speaks into a hand-held microphone.

Light, heartfelt music builds to a crescendo.

Onscreen text: Charles Schwab. Own your tomorrow.

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