Our employees describe what Through Clients' Eyes means to them.

"Through clients' eyes,", I mean, it has special meaning for me.

So when I think about "through the clients' eyes."

What I think of "through clients' eyes."

I think "through clients' eyes," it means putting yourself in their shoes. Think about it visually, it would be literally taking off my high heels and stepping into somebody else's loafers.

It really goes back to the golden rule.

For everything that I do, I would make sure I would appreciate that on the flip side.

I was really excited today because I helped a client who is 98 years old get into his account to go paperless.

My oldest was 103, actively trading, trading every day, actively involved with his investments. And I loved those calls.

One of my favorite conversations to have with a client is someone who calls in and who says "I've never done this before. I'm young. Help." I can personally identify with that.

I'm going to help that client's needs get met and that's what gets me up in the morning and gets me to work every day.

If I was just learning to trade, how I would like to hear this message? Sometimes I think, you "You know, how would my dad like to get this information.?"

It's our job to understand and listen to what the client wants and deliver.

Schwab has the clients' backs more than anything else. It really makes you feel like you can trust people when you hand them your money.

It's a cascading ripple effect from an internal client to the external client.

You know, you helped somebody today, and, you know, there's a chain reaction from that. You know, I helped someone internally, then they turn around and help another client, so it's a good feeling knowing, you know, you're supporting a larger cause in what you do every day.

We're focused on what's right for the people that we're trying to provide services for. And that's really what matters, that's why we're here.

I've never come across somebody at Schwab whose goal was just to sell every product or get as much commission as possible, it's not what we're in it for.

I think that we hire people that truly care about people. And I think that if you are a caring person and when you come to your job that usually shows. 

I'm proud to say I work for Schwab. I know when people ask me where I work I say, "I work at Schwab." And they're like, "ohOh, you work for a good company." And I know I do.

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