Hear Russell's story

All of the leadership helps me continue to be proud of who I am, and that's something that I haven't felt until I joined Charles Schwab.

When I first joined, I was timid and didn't really want to tell people about being in the reserves. I actually got deployed in 2014 during my employment here at Charles Schwab.

I didn't tell anybody until about 10 minutes before I left, just because I was concerned, other than my manager.

Then I went to go say goodbye to one of my last teams before I headed out, somebody ran over and said I had a voicemail.

And within that 10 minutes, Walt called me, our CEO, and said, “Hey, you know, on behalf of the firm and my family, we do appreciate your service and I'd like to have lunch with you when you get back.”

It made me feel like I was finally at a place that would accept me for who I wanted to be, and it also, it gave me a year to reflect and say, you know, when I get back I'm not just going to come back and do my job. I want to make a big difference.

For military veterans, there's a lot of opportunity for growth here, and so, when I came back, I was able to be the chair position for the Military Veterans Network here in Denver.

That kind of stuff resonates with me and why I enjoy being here.

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