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Financial services careers are dynamic, challenging, and rewarding but how do you get started? Schwab Academies. We offer the programs and placements you need to take control of your future and build a fulfilling career with one of the world’s premiere financial services companies.

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On your mark, get set, blow past your potential.

You’re driven to pursue a career with purpose, something meaningful that helps people achieve their dreams and goals. You’re all about taking control of your future and creating your own destiny. Your day isn’t complete without challenging yourself and you’re looking for a place where you can go as far as your ambition and talents will take you. And playing a key role in disrupting a multi-trillion-dollar industry sounds pretty cool to you, too. If this is who you see when you look in the mirror, we’ve got a seat for you at Schwab’s Financial Consultant Academy.

Get ready to challenge yourself.

We expect our candidates to bring more to the table, right from the start. That’s why only a select group are accepted to our Financial Consultant Academy after going through our interview process. Are you ready to be one of them?

Outstanding candidates have:

  • Strong academic performance records and a bachelor’s degree (or be on track to graduate from college before the program start date).

  • Serious interest in the financial services industry as a long-term career.

  • Clear skills in relationship building and emotional intelligence.

  • Experience from prior work or internship.

  • Excellent leadership capabilities.

  • A healthy dose of ambition, discipline, and resilience, as well as a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.

Get the tools to change lives, starting with yours.

Through the Schwab Financial Consultant Academy, you will:

  • Get a valuable head start on your career – Graduating and becoming an AFC or FCP.
  • Have an opportunity to take exams – Obtaining your registrations.
  • Experience the securities industry firsthand as part of a service center team – Join specialty client service team.
  • Learn how to provide world-class service to clients over the phone while building market expertise in preparation for building individual client relationships – Foundations of trading course.
  • Develop consultative skills through a needs-based process to provide helpful and relevant solutions to clients.
  • Benefit from a hands-on manager, a current Financial Consultant as your mentor, and a former Financial Consultant as your coach – Cohort coach.
  • Develop presentation skills through practice and cohort feedback.
  • Practice effective conversations through mock client sessions – On the job training.


Financial Consultant Academy – A deeper dive.

As a Schwab Financial Consultant, you’ll be at the forefront of helping people create the future they want for themselves and their families, while helping Schwab grow by building and nurturing client relationships. Through comprehensive classroom learning, real-world client experience, and mentorship from top industry professionals you’ll receive the training you’ll need to help clients manage and maximize their wealth—all while building the foundation for a successful career as a Financial Consultant.

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“The Financial Consultant Academy is a program that trains young FCs from start to finish... You also have the support of individuals who've been at Schwab a long time."

Mary T. Johnson,
Financial Consultant Partner, Schwab Branch Network
Unleash the possibilities

What is the Financial Consultant Academy, exactly?

See Mary's story

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Unleash the possibilities. 

Mary Johnson: My name is Mary Johnson, and I’m a Financial Consultant partner at Charles Schwab. So I joined Schwab right after college. I was looking for a program that was gonna be a training program, and I found the Financial Consultant Academy online. The Financial Consultant Academy is a program that trains, from start to finish, young FCs. So you start the program, you’re not licensed, so Schwab pays for your licenses, they give you time off work to study, and then you get your financial licenses, your 7 and your 66, and you go through different rotations in the program. I would recommend the Financial Consultant Academy because you come in with a group of likeminded people. You go through together, you have that support, and that group of people that you can rely on. In addition to those people in your cohort, you also have the support of the individuals who’ve been at Schwab for a long time, and they really take care of you and make sure that you’re gonna make it through and see what you need to get you to where you wanna be.

Charles Schwab. Own your tomorrow. 

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Financial Consultant Academy Timeline

First Year

  • Classroom, self-study, and web-based learning and development programs.

    • Service foundation training and preparation for Series 7 and 66 licensing.*
    • General client service trading foundation studies
    • Wealth management training
    • Continued wealth management and sales training
  • Inbound service calls/trading interactions, serving clients with passion and integrity.

    • General client service training
    • Trading client service training
    • Wealth management client service training
    • Specialty client service training

2nd Year

2nd Year

  • Classroom, self-study, and web-based learning and development programs.

    • Continued wealth management and sales training
  • Client outreach

    • Business development (outbound or inbound calls)
    • Identifying and championing client goals
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    Start your career at one of our 300+ branches.

    • Take the first step toward a Financial Consultant career by joining a branch as an Associate Financial Consultant or Financial Consultant Partner

The Financial Consultant Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2021 Academy classes!

Please click this link to submit an application.



*Registration requires the passage of FINRA Administered Qualification Examination(s)