Schwab and TDA:

Hopeful for 2021


With 2020 behind us, both Schwab and TDA employees say they’re hopeful as we head into 2021. 

Candice A., Schwab - Westlake, TX

“In 2021, I’m hopeful that we take the lessons of 2020 (everyone’s favorite year to hate) and the good bits and carry them forward with us. We learned this year to be more vulnerable with our colleagues, to be even more authentic as leaders, to try even harder to connect with each other as humans and to support our colleagues and friends through challenging and unfamiliar circumstances, as we all try to navigate fast-changing tumultuous times. I hope that when we move into 2021, we don’t forget some of the hard-learned lessons and victories of 2020 and am hopeful that we build upon the momentum of intentional connection and mutual support we established through this difficult year.”

Mike C., TDA – St. Louis, MS

“I’m hopeful for an end to the pandemic. Getting back to ‘normal’ and resuming our everyday lives. I’m also hopeful for good health and prosperity for my family. My family Is my strength and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them or they would not do for me.”

Patrick G., TDA – St. Louis, MS

“I’m hopeful in 2021 to get out of the house and travel with my family!”

Elaine L., Schwab – Westlake, TX

“In 2021 I’m hopeful that the world will be healthier and that we will be kinder, more tolerant and show greater understanding and openness to each other’s humanity.”

Theresa M., TDA - St. Louis, MS

“Professionally, like my other TDA counterparts, I’m looking forward to combining our companies and have hope for the future with the new organization. I look forward to being back in the office at some point to interact with colleagues. Personally, I’m excited to travel and visit with family and friends.”

Gale N., TDA – Beverly Hills, CA

“I do have hope… there’s always room for hope. Of course, I wish for health and happiness for family and friends. And even now, I recognize that we’re now armed with knowledge, understanding and hard lessons from 2020. My hope is that we’ll all work together to create kindness, understanding and healing in our country. Let 2021 be the year that sets our children and their children up for better years to come.”

Angie R., Schwab – San Francisco, CA

“Hopeful that we will all have more appreciation for each other in the coming year and that 2021 might feel less stressful.”

Patrick S., Schwab - San Francisco, CA

“Looking to 2021, I’m hopeful that we will continue to find practical ways to live, work, and connect despite the global pandemic. As Canadians with the privilege of working in the United States for more than a decade, my wife and I especially look forward to the approval of our U.S. naturalization applications – taking the Oath of Allegiance together with other new Americans.”

Michael S., Schwab – New York City, NY

“We seem to be so divided as a nation and so many problems to solve. I’m hopeful that in 2021 we can come together as a nation to meet the challenges we so clearly face.”

Mary W., TDA - St. Louis, MS

“In 2021, I hope to help as many people as I can. Personally, I hope to set small goals every day and make efforts to complete them.”

Stacey Z., Schwab – Austin, TX

“I’m grateful for long walks with friends, virtual reunions with college friends, video calls with family across the country and finding creative ways to spend more time with my husband and kids outside. I’m also thankful for new and different ways to connect and collaborate with my co-workers.”