Schwab brings together thousands of clients, exhibitors and thought-provoking speakers to the largest and longest-running annual conference for independent investment advisors. This year's invitation-only virtual event takes place on October 27-28.

IMPACT® focuses on helping growth-oriented firms capitalize on new opportunities.

IMPACT® focuses on helping growth-oriented firms capitalize on new opportunities.

Walt Bettinger, President and CEO and Bernie Clark, head of Schwab Advisor Services, talking on stage.

Schwab’s Commitment to Independent Advisors

Schwab’s Commitment to Independent Advisors

From our earliest days as a firm, we saw alignment in the values held by independent investment advisors and how we ran our company. We put a stake in the ground a long time ago in support of the independent advisor profession, and we have never looked back. Because we believe.

More than 30 years of serving independent investment advisors has given us the expertise to benefit firms of every kind and size. We know what makes firms similar—and more importantly what makes them unique.


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Our strategies have remained consistent by design. We operate our company with the golden rule in mind. We always want to use what we know to do better by those we serve. That includes never putting independent investment advisors in a position where they have to apologize for where they have chosen to custody their clients’ assets.  We want advisors to always have confidence that the assets their clients hold at Schwab are treated conservatively and with appropriate care.

We are long on the markets, on this industry, and on our belief in the value of the work independent investment advisors do for their clients and communities.


Serving Advisors

We’re proud to be a part of the fastest-growing segment of the financial services industry—the independent financial advisors who are entrusted with $5 trillion of your clients’ wealth.

We’ve been in the trenches with you for over 30 years, tirelessly advocating for the independent model and committing thousands of people and millions in resources to make sure firms of all sizes have everything you need to grow and succeed.

2020 IMPACT Speakers and Entertainers

Condoleezza Rice, Sal Khan, Jay Monahan, Chuck Schwab, Sting, Katie Couric, Colin Jost...Hear from speakers at the top of their game.

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