Important COVID-19 Information:

To ensure we could deliver a safe and strong internship experience for 2020, we are pleased to announce that we will be moving forward with a virtual internship for the Schwab Intern Academy in the original timeframe, June 8 - August 7. We value the insight and talent interns bring to Schwab and are committed to providing them with the best possible intern experience!

Schwab Intern Academy

Schwab Intern Academy provides college juniors and seniors and graduate students the opportunity to experience Schwab's culture of service while challenging themselves through a structured blend of learning programs, team-building activities, networking opportunities, and enriching work projects.

Schwab Intern Academy

This month, we are remotely welcoming our 2020 class of interns to Schwab and like so many other summer traditions, this year will feel different.

Walt Bettinger, our CEO, offers up some advice >

Collage of Schwab's 2020 interns.
Annika with her coworkers.

"I learned more in these past 9 weeks than I imagined, and my confidence has grown tremendously. I feel I have the skills and knowledge to succeed and to enact change as an HR professional."

Annika Yappert, Schwab Intern, Summer 2019
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We look for intern candidates who are optimistic, driven, curious, innovative and adaptable and who believe in the value of partnership. Candidates for the Academy must also be current college or graduate school students. Strong preference is given to those who will graduate within 12 months of the internship.

The Nine-Week Schwab Intern Academy Program

  • Offers a meaningful summer experience by working on real business projects that help us meet our clients' needs
  • Provides a holistic, cohesive, and structured blend of business-specific experiences (tracks) and a shared learning curriculum (cohorts)
    • Business tracks are meaningful projects that contribute to Schwab's success
    • Cohort groups meet together to learn about Schwab's purpose, brand, and our focus on client advocacy and community service; Schwab's values, culture, and why this is a great place to work; individual strengths and how to leverage those strengths in a professional environment; how to spend, manage, and invest your money wisely; and how to plan your career journey
    • Cohorts perform many group activities together, including real Schwab business case development and volunteering in the community
  • Each Schwab intern is supported by a direct leader and human resource professionals, and also has connections with senior leaders

The 2020 Schwab Intern Academy will include tracks such as Corporate Risk Management, Finance, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Investor Services, Marketing and Data, Retirement Plan Services, Retirement Business Services, and Technology.

Because interns are considered a primary pipeline for full-time opportunities, every intern candidate must be eligible for full-time hiring upon graduation and must also meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in a current undergraduate or graduate program tracking to a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Planned to graduate between December 2020 and June 2021
  • Ability to work full time and on-site at Schwab during the nine-week program, from June 8-August 7, 2020
  • Specific skills as needed by Business Track

Check our recruiting events calendar for opportunities to meet our recruiters in person.

Meet our intern alumni

Learn more about working at Schwab from past interns who were offered full-time positions with Schwab following graduation. Explore what it’s like to work with these Schwabbies and others like them at #myschwabstory and #SchwabLife.

"I chose Schwab because of the friendly and collaborative work environment that I saw here as an intern. I knew that Schwab was the right place for me to start my career."

Allison Healy, software development engineer at Schwab

Allison Healy

Allison shares her story

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Allison Healy: Hi! I’m Allison. I was an intern at Charles Schwab in 2016, and I’m now a full-time software development engineer. I chose Schwab because of the friendly and collaborative work environment that I saw here as an intern. I knew that Schwab was the right place for me to start my career. But that’s my Schwab story—what’s yours?