Just like Schwamily!


July 1, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

In Richfield, Ohio, two sisters and their cousin bring a combined 25 years of service to Charles Schwab with a focus on both clients and family. Meet Cindy, Lisa and Donna.

Question: Tell us about yourselves!

Cindy: I’m Cindy. Lisa is my sister and Donna is our cousin. We all grew up in the Cleveland area and I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary with the firm. I work in Global Operations.

Donna: I’m the newest member of the Schwamily – I joined Schwab a little more than three years ago and work in Retirement Plan Services.

Lisa: And I’m Lisa – I’m the original Schwabbie and have been with Schwab 11 years, and I also work in Retirement Plan Services. I also am the national co-chair of the Schwab Parents Network (SPAN) and sit on the Richfield board of the Community Ambassador Network.


Question: That’s some impressive Schwab experience! Thank you all for your service. Tell us about your lives outside of the firm?

Lisa: We are a close family. When we were all in the office, we saw each other frequently and tried to have lunch together when we could.

Cindy: We come from a big family and grew up going to family gatherings. We still try to do a lot together as a family – game nights, family meals.

Donna: And we all have our own children so they’re all connected and close and we’re glad we can pass our family traditions and values to our next generation!


Question: It always says a lot about the experience of working at Schwab when there are families who love the firm. Why do each of you choose to work at Schwab?

Cindy: I think what stands out to me about Schwab is that your voice is heard. Our leadership is willing to listen to us and hears our ideas and acts on them. We look for ways to improve and we’re not afraid to implement those ideas.

Donna: The culture of Schwab is what stands out to me the most. The culture is not something you see everywhere you go. The people here are truly wonderful, and I think employees really feel secure and comfortable working at Schwab.

Lisa: For me, some of what I love about Schwab is the benefits, the support and just the way we treat people. I really love it here and I wanted to share this amazing experience with both my sister and cousin. And that’s how we became a Schwamily!