Meet Bridgette and Bradford, Schwabbies and siblings


July 28, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

When you meet Bridgette and Bradford, two values jump to mind: education and family.  These days, they live and work in separate cities but enjoy keeping their Schwamily spirit going strong.  We had a chance to ask them a few questions.

Question: Bridgette and Bradford, good to meet you both. Tell us about yourselves and your work at the firm?

Bridgette: I’m Bridgette and I live in Austin – we grew up here in Austin actually.  I’ve been with the firm for about two-and-a-half years.  And I work in Digital Services on the Schwab Assistant Conversation Design Team. 

Bradford: I’m Bradford and I currently reside in Phoenix, although I am planning to move back to Austin soon.  I have been with Schwab a little more than a year ago and I work on the Data Science Operations Team. 

Question: Wow! You’re both in the Digital Services Organization. Tell me a little bit about your work there and what you led you to these roles? They sound unique!

Bridgette: I have a degree in linguistics from Brigham Young University.  I also studied at Aarhus University in Denmark and earned a master’s degree in cognitive semiotics.   Part of my role is user experience – but I also am a writer and I design and write the conversations for the virtual assistant.

Bradford: I also went to BYU and studied math.  Bridgette and I graduated from BYU on the same day! I also earned a PHD from University of Pennsylvania in behavioral economics and applied statistics.  In my role I work to improve the Schwab Intelligent Assistant’s ability to answer client questions.

Question: Which of you came to Schwab first? And who is the older sibling?

Bridgette: I was the first Schwabbie!  We also had a brother who was in the Schwab Intern Academy.  I referred Bradford to work here.  And I’m also the older one.  We come from a family of six kids and we’re a close group.

Question: Well that’s a very cool story.  What stands out to the two of you about working at Schwab?

Bradford: There aren’t always a lot of firms that employ both math people and writers. It’s cool Schwab has room for both me and my sister and our diverse skill sets.  As for Schwab – it’s a collegial culture.  The people are good to work with and have good intentions.  Plus, there are always new projects and new, exciting projects to tackle.

Bridgette: I always say I’ve just always had such a positive experience at Schwab.  I have amazing colleagues. People here are smart, kind, driven, fun – it’s just a great place to work.  And I always have a good time working with my brother.  We complement each other well.