Meet Cynthia Loh: a runner who’s found her stride


Cynthia Loh is a runner.  She’s completed a couple of marathons;  Paris in 2011, New York City in 2015 and a future goal to make it to Tokyo’s race and finish in less than four hours.  And it’s probably the qualities that make a runner successful, like discipline and endurance that have served Cynthia so well, as she rounds out two years at Charles Schwab.  Cynthia works as the vice president of digital advice and innovation at the company’s gleaming campus in Lone Tree, about 15 miles south of the Colorado capital of Denver.  Cynthia and her husband recently relocated from New York City to the Mile High City, and Cynthia is the proud mom to a toddler boy.

“I was first attracted to Schwab from an article I read about the firm.  The article was talking about all of the digital transformation that was underway at Schwab – and my interest piqued,” says Cynthia from her fourth floor office, overlooking Colorado’s Front Range.  “It was really an opportunity to leverage my start-up background and help drive innovation at scale. The ability to create solutions that democratize financial planning, and impact millions was and is really attractive.  Schwab has a real commitment to the digital space which allows us to build investment products for the future.”

Cynthia Loh talking to a colleague in the hall.

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Cynthia grew up in Indiana.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science, focusing on artificial intelligence, at the University of California Berkeley and earned an MBA from Stanford. She has spent the bulk of her career in the financial sector working in investment banking, asset management, and a fintech start-up, and she even spent a stretch working in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

But it’s Schwab where Cynthia says she’s found a home.  “I love being part of the digital advice and innovation teams.  My group oversees the growth and strategy of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium, where we can tackle the future of financial services through our work.  Being in the “start-up” of Schwab, the challenges are exciting and fast-paced.”

Cynthia leads a team of professionals that reside in Lone Tree, San Francisco and Austin.  The Intelligent family of products manages about $43 billion in digital advice assets as of September 30, 2019 and touches hundreds of thousands of Schwab customers.  These days the team is focused on building out its 2020 strategy which is looking at improving the client experience and creating solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

The ability to create solutions that democratize financial planning, and impact millions was and is really attractive. Schwab has a real commitment to the digital space which allows us to build investment products for the future.

Cynthia Loh

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“My team is constantly working to better understand and quickly innovate around our clients’ unique needs.  Says Cynthia.  “The launch of subscription pricing with Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium earlier this year was a direct result of client feedback. Subscription-based pricing is second nature to many people who pay this way for other forms of ongoing access and guidance – from streaming media services to fitness and personal training memberships.  We think people should have the opportunity to pay for financial planning the same way, and it’s exciting to lead a team who can adapt our products to serve them.”

For Cynthia, moving to Schwab was about career. One that was inspired not just by the technology, but by the life she hopes to build in her new city.

“I think one of the most important things about choosing where you want to work, is that when you look at the leaders of the firm, you see someone you want to be,” remarks Cynthia.  “When I look at the executive team at Schwab, there are so many leaders to emulate, with a diverse set of skills.  There are successful individuals who have been able to build both their career, and their families.  It is inspiring.”

Cynthia writing on the wall.

What does Cynthia want you to know about working at Schwab? “When you hear about the history of the firm, and Chuck Schwab’s original vision – you realize that we are perhaps the original fintech, disrupting everything from pricing, to 24/7 access to customer service,” says Cynthia. “Schwab is secretly a very technology-forward company.”

Perhaps the secret is out.


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