Meet Kaitlyn, NCAA basketball player and Schwab intern


August 19, 2021

Kaitlyn likes a good challenge, especially if she’s a part of a solid team. A recent graduate, NCAA college basketball player, and soon to be graduate student, Kaitlyn is spending her summer as a member of Schwab’s Virtual Intern Academy. We recently had the chance to get to know more about her. 

Question: Congratulations on your recent graduation, Kaitlyn. Tell us about your background. 

Kaitlyn: Thanks! I grew up in the Cleveland area and I just graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas where I studied finance. I am heading to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in the fall to begin my master’s in finance. 

Question: That’s amazing! And you’re a basketball player? 

Kaitlyn: Yes, I played for UT for the last three years. I am a shooting guard. I am hoping to play for Vanderbilt during my graduate career as well. 

Question: Tell us about your internship here at Schwab. 

Kaitlyn: I have loved my time at Schwab this summer. Everyone is kind and welcoming. I am working with the San Francisco Asset Management Solutions team on multi-asset quantitative solutions. Basically, I’m working with the thematic research team—which is looking at investment products based on themes or interests. The people are super smart and have made my time such a positive learning experience—plus, it’s been fun, too. 

Question: How cool. What are your career goals? 

Kaitlyn: I want to work in financial services. I like the way that we can use finance to problem solve. I like investment research and equity research. 

Question: What drew you to Schwab? 

Kaitlyn: I have known people that worked here and have always heard that the culture is strong and there are a lot of interesting projects to tackle. I am also a believer in servant leadership and that’s obviously a key piece of the strategy at Schwab, so it’s been positive to align many of my values with the firm. 

Question: What do you like to do away from work and school? 

Kaitlyn: I like anything active.  I am into cycling and hiking – especially here in Ohio where we have a beautiful national park.  I also like to volunteer and coach youth basketball. I also really love to read. 

Question: What’s one thing you’ve learned during your time here? 

Kaitlyn: I think it has stood out to me how intentional Schwab is. No matter where you work in terms of location or organization, the firm cares about its employees and its clients. Schwab has cared about our intern cohort. That’s been an amazing part of the experience.