Schwab believes that veterans represent some of the very best talent in the country, and we are proud to be an employer of choice for many who have served and those who continue to serve. With many in the military increasingly moving on to new challenges, Schwab remains dedicated to an ongoing relationship with this community of America's heroes.

Nilsa S. in her military uniform.

My Schwab Story: Veteran Nilsa Swift

“I chose Schwab because of the purpose and vision of this firm. I did my research and wanted to find a role that mattered to me and provided me the opportunity to keep serving in some way.” 

Nilsa Swift, Veteran and Schwab employee

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My Schwab Story: Veteran Mike Caplice

“Working at Schwab combines my passion for the stock market with my passion for helping people.  I get the most satisfaction out of my job by helping people make good financial decisions and watching those decisions turn into great outcomes."

Mike Caplice, Veteran and Schwab employee

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Mike C. in his military uniform.
Your Potential at Schwab

Opportunity for Growth

Hear Russell's story

"Schwab made me feel like I was finally at a workplace that would accept me for who I wanted to be."

Russell Simmons, Chief Warrant Officer Two, Army Reserves, Schwab Regional Manager for Schwab Private Client Investment Advisory, Denver, Colorado

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All of the leadership helps me continue to be proud of who I am, and that's something that I haven't felt until I joined Charles Schwab.

When I first joined, I was timid and didn't really want to tell people about being in the reserves. I actually got deployed in 2014 during my employment here at Charles Schwab.

I didn't tell anybody until about 10 minutes before I left, just because I was concerned, other than my manager.

Then I went to go say goodbye to one of my last teams before I headed out, somebody ran over and said I had a voicemail.

And within that 10 minutes, Walt called me, our CEO, and said, “Hey, you know, on behalf of the firm and my family, we do appreciate your service and I'd like to have lunch with you when you get back.”

It made me feel like I was finally at a place that would accept me for who I wanted to be, and it also, it gave me a year to reflect and say, you know, when I get back I'm not just going to come back and do my job. I want to make a big difference.

For military veterans, there's a lot of opportunity for growth here, and so, when I came back, I was able to be the chair position for the Military Veterans Network here in Denver.

That kind of stuff resonates with me and why I enjoy being here.


Veteran employee partners

Schwab has alliances with more than a dozen organizations dedicated to supporting our country's service men and women, including, but not limited to:

100,000 Jobs Mission Veterans Business Network
Hero 2 Hired Hiring our Heroes
Joining Forces Texas Veterans Network
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS)
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve              Recruit Military
  • Military Spouse Employment Partnership

    Military Spouse Employment Partnership

    In 2017, Schwab was inducted into the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), a program of the Department of Defense that recruits, hires, promotes, and retains military spouses in portable careers. MSEP connects military spouses with partner employers worldwide, and gives Schwab priority access to a unique and talented group of professionals who are skilled, diverse, and motivated with a strong work ethic.

Military Spouses

  • Susan W. and family

    "I get satisfaction out of what I'm doing every day. I feel accomplished when I go home. And I feel like I've done something that mattered."

    Susan Williams, El Paso, Texas

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  • Latrice L. and spouse.

    "Finding this role at Schwab through the Military Spouses Employment Partnership means a lot to me. I get to continue to grow my career with my husband's new station."

    Latrice Langhorne, El Paso, Texas

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Military Veterans Network (MVN)

"The Military Veterans Network is an awesome group of people who are veterans or friends of veterans who come together and really focus on this concept of service."

My Schwab Story - MVN Denver

My Schwab story: MVN Denver

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Onscreen text: My Schwab Story: MVN Denver

Onscreen text: Chris Hermen, Sr. Staff, Project Management, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Chris: So the Military Veterans Network is an awesome opportunity for veterans and also people who are friends of veterans to come together and really focus on this concept of service.

Kristin: I have just had deep admiration for those that have served our country.

Onscreen text: Kristin Thorburn, Sr. Staff, Systems Information Engineer, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Kristin: And in my opinion there’s really not that many ways to kind of express my appreciation, aside from saying thank you. And so this is one of the things I do, is, I want to interact with military and veterans and show my support and assist in any way possible, whether it be financially, volunteering. I just want to give back in some way to show that I appreciate everything that’s been done. 

Onscreen text: Marc Andersen, Manager, Schwab Private Client, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Marc: It’s great to work for a company like Charles Schwab, that supports veterans and everything that we stand for. And the biggest thing that a lot of veterans get is going to be leadership. And here Charles Schwab embraces that by going out and hiring veterans and focusing on that. It’s nice to know that the Charles Schwab Corporation sponsors a lot of events for the Military Veterans Network, as well as financially, and then also with just giving us the time off, paid time off, in order to do this, to where we can go out and help out our community and then also help out veterans and veteran-related projects. 

Chris: So I see service as being an opportunity to look beyond oneself, to be part of something bigger than oneself. And that’s something that really drew me to Schwab to begin with was the outreach to the community. There’s so many different ways to get out and get involved. And being a veteran, it really resonated with me to join the MVN to really facilitate that vision and really be part of something greater than myself. 

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National military-friendly workplace recognition

Schwab continues to be recognized for its emphasis on recruiting and training military veterans who are joining or rejoining the workforce and for delivering a work environment, policies, and programs that foster meaningful career opportunities for veterans.

  • U.S. Veterans Magazine ranks Schwab as one of the "Best of the Best" employers

    Best of the Best

    U.S. Veterans Magazine ranks Schwab as one of the "Best of the Best" employers for the eighth consecutive year.

  • Military Times 'Best For Vets 2019' award

    Best for Vets Employer

    Military Times EDGE magazine named Schwab a "Best for Vets Employer" in 2019. 

  • Military Benefits Magazine named Schwab a "Veteran Friendly Employer" for the sixth consecutive year.

    Military Friendly Employer

    Military Benefits Magazine named Schwab a "Veteran Friendly Employers" for the sixth consecutive year.

  • Military Friendly Top 10 Employer

    Military Friendly Top 10 Employer

    G.I. Jobs Magazine named Schwab a "Military Friendly GOLD Top 10 Employer" from 2012 through 2017.

  • Military Friendly Spouse Employer

    Military Friendly Spouse Employer

    Military Spouse Magazine named Schwab a "Military Spouse Friendly Employer" from 2012 through 2017.

  • Patriot Award

    Patriot Award

    Schwab received the 2017 Patriot Award as a member of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a program of the Department of Defense.

  • Most Valuable Employers

    Most Valuable Employers

    Schwab was named one of the "Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military" by in 2015 and 2016.

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