Building a community of belonging

November 18, 2021
As an immigrant from Cameroon, Igxtelle understands the hardships faced when learning a new culture and dedicates time to helping others like herself.

By Jeffrey Ackerson, Director, Communications 

For Igxtelle (pronounced IX-tel) M., who moved to the United States from Cameroon, the term “belonging” at Schwab means she has a stake in the company and feels equally responsible for the Schwab culture. As a Senior Manager in Third Party Compliance and the co-chair of GLOBE (International and Multicultural Professionals at Schwab) in Westlake, Texas, she gets to bring her smarts and worldly experience to her work every day.  

“For my role in Compliance, I spend most days making sure vendors are adhering to Schwab’s protocols and processes designed to mitigate risk exposure,” she says. “When I’m able to split my time, I invest my energy in D&I initiatives across Schwab to spread awareness of the employee resource groups (ERGs) offered at the company.” 

In her role as local GLOBE co-chair, Igxtell is able to truly see Schwab’s dedication to highlighting employees from other countries and recognizing their diverse backgrounds. And she appreciates this. "Inclusion for immigrants is a dear passion for me," she says. "When I started my career in the United States, I was never taught about the American working culture, and because I didn't have proper support, I hated my work experience. And I think people assume that working culture is the same globally, but it couldn't be more different.” 


I approach belonging from the standpoint of self-esteem. If people don't have a sense of belonging, it has a direct link on their work ethic, involvement with others, and the attitude they bring to their work. Schwab has a strong culture dedicated to putting the customer first and applying the same approach to its employees and ERGs.

- Igxtelle M., Sr. Manager, Charles Schwab

When she’s not focused on third-party compliance, D&I, and GLOBE, Igxtelle focuses on bringing women together outside of Schwab. Understanding the hardships immigrant women face every day inspires her to build a network for women to come together and support one another when it comes to learning a new culture. As part of this, Igxtelle is dedicated to helping immigrant mothers find support while seeking childcare, employment, and navigating the American workforce.   

"Having women come together and share their stories about coming to this country, and their experiences thus far helps other immigrant women and mothers navigate their own experiences," she says. "I started to connect women who are seeking support in a new world with new norms and cultures because I remember being discriminated when I first started out in a new country. I was alone when I moved here, and I struggled for a time, and I don't want others to experience that if they don’t have to. We’re building a community of belonging!” 

This commitment to belonging inside and outside of Schwab drives Igxtelle to put herself in front of people as often as she can. She regularly counsels women in her community, is a sought-after motivational speaker, and remains driven to make diversity a more explored conversation in American society.  

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