Gama Jimenez named a Schwab Scholar in Financial Planning


“I remember always being interested in business and personal finance,” said Gama Jimenez, a University of Arizona senior in the Personal and Family Financial Planning Program. “When I was in middle school, I started a snack business, selling chips, popsicles, and Mexican candy to neighborhood kids, but it didn’t go too well – I ended up eating most of my inventory. As I got older, I became interested in topics like stocks and remember talking with my older brother about researching finances, mutual funds, and index funds. That conversation was much more interesting than it should have been, and I’ve been hooked ever since.” 

Gama started investing in stocks in college and today aspires to become a financial planner to help others on their path to financial freedom. "I see in my community that a lot of people aren’t paying attention to their personal finances," he said. "They need to learn these skills or at least be given the opportunities to learn them, and I can help.” 

His passion has earned him recognition. The first-generation college student from Tucson is one of the first to receive a $10,000 award as a Charles Schwab Foundation Scholars in Financial Planning scholarship recipient. Schwab established the $3.5 million scholarship program in the spring of 2021 to serve students from underrepresented communities. In addition to scholarship funds, the program makes voluntary mentorship and professional development opportunities available to help prepare Gama for a successful career in financial services.  

"I don't have the words to explain what it means to be recognized," Gama said, adding that he's excited to connect with mentors in the field of financial planning. "I'm just glad that there are resources out there to help low-income, first-generation students pursue a career in this." 

The Charles Schwab Foundation Scholars in Financial Planning program is one of the Board-approved diversity and inclusion efforts announced by the Schwab Executive Council last year. More information about Schwab’s commitment to diversity is available on the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion website

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