Max Nixon named a Schwab Scholar in Financial Planning


“My interest in pursuing a career in financial planning is driven by a lifelong enjoyment of managing, saving, and growing money,” said Max Nixon, a University of Akron student and one of the first recipients of the Charles Schwab Foundation Scholars in Financial Planning scholarships, part of a $3.5 million endowed scholarship program working to increase the pipeline of diverse talent in the financial services industry by providing financial assistance and career opportunities to students from underrepresented communities. “I’ve also always been inspired by those who set out to be trailblazers and break barriers, and I see an opportunity to help diversify the field through my own participation. I believe we need to create more inclusion for underrepresented populations.” 

As a Charles Schwab Foundation Scholar, Max will receive approximately $10,000 per year in scholarship funding for two years. He says, “It’s a big honor to represent The University of Akron, to even be considered for something like this. One of my goals is to graduate college debt free and, being the oldest of three children in my family, I’ve never wanted my parents to have worry about helping me, although they’ve done so.” The scholarship will allow Max to reduce the hours he works to pay tuition and increase his concentration on studies. “Earning the scholarship is a huge relief,” Max says. “It helps in a lot of ways.” 

In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship program also makes voluntary mentorship and professional development opportunities available to help prepare Max for a successful career in financial services, including a guaranteed interview for the firm’s Internship Academy, a FINRA SIE voucher, resume review, and interview prep. He says he’s most excited about the scholarship’s option to interview for a 10-week internship position with Schwab this coming summer, located in either a Florida or Arizona Schwab location. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to learn more about how the industry really works and makes change happen,” said Max. “I’m excited to be a part of this.”  

Max says that what he starts, he puts his all into, and he’s always been about learning new things. In pursuing a financial planning degree, he aims to help people manage their resources successfully so they have more control over their own lives, and he’s particularly interested in helping underrepresented communities. 

The Scholars in Financial Planning endowment is one of several scholarship programs funded through Charles Schwab Foundation to develop and attract diverse talent by recruiting from underrepresented communities, including women, people of color, people with disabilities, and people with military backgrounds. It is one of the Board-approved diversity and inclusion efforts announced by the Schwab Executive Council last year. More information about Schwab’s commitment to diversity is available on the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion website

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