Women in finance: Catherine Golladay

Women in Finance: Catherine Golladay

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By Melissa Brandon on 02/07/2018

"I help people prepare for retirement. It's important work," says Catherine Golladay, senior vice president of Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc. in Richfield, Ohio. "I love helping people save money."

Catherine is a long-time Schwabbie—with tenure of 21 years. After graduating with a degree in accounting from the University of Akron and getting a graduate degree in finance from Case Western Reserve, she went into public accounting and eventually into the retirement industry.

"When I was looking for a company, I wanted one that aligned with my personal values," says Catherine. "At the top of my list are hard work and service to others. I found that at Schwab."

Catherine says it's that culture and the opportunities she's earned that have kept her at Schwab all of these years. "Schwab has been a transformative experience for me. I raised my hand and when I did, so much opportunity opened up for me. I want other women to know that they shouldn't be afraid to do that. There's nothing wrong with being assertive and asking for a shot."

For Catherine, she also has found strong alignment with Schwab's ‘through client's eyes' strategy. "To work here, you have to be passionate about serving others. It's a personal commitment, not a positional one. You really have to love what you do."

Away from work, Catherine is a mom to two grown daughters. She loves to travel and her favorite destination is Great Britain, where her parents are from. She's also a self-described foodie with an urban garden and practices yoga in her spare time.

So when it comes to retirement, what does Catherine recommend? "There are three things you really need to consider. First, it's about time in the market. Start saving early," says Catherine. "Second, reach out for professional advice with your 401(k) plan. And finally, be conscious about fees when you're making investment selections." Solid advice.