Women in finance: Courtney Medina

Women in Finance: Courtney Medina

By Melissa Brandon on 01/26/2018

"I'm in awe of the values we have at Schwab, the way we demonstrate them to our clients and to each other," says Courtney Medina, managing director, Contracts, Procurement & Purchasing. "I see it every single day."

Courtney grew up in California and graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in communications. She knew she wanted to work in corporate America and worked at several large organizations before finding herself an opportunity at Schwab's Lone Tree campus nearly three years ago.

She now leads a team in the firm's corporate vendor management group. Courtney and her team are responsible for vendor monitoring and oversight to make sure that value is created for Schwab's clients, employees, and shareholders.

"I'm not in a client-facing role, but I see how we take care of our people, whether they're clients or employees," says Courtney. "I'd been looking for this kind of culture my entire career. And Schwab is unlike anything I've found so far."

For Courtney, success in the corporate world has been about finding her true self. "I would say to younger women out there, find your voice. It took me a long time to figure out what that meant. But find your personal board of directors and have them help you find your way."

Additionally, she says she's focused on building relationships, having an open mind and a positive attitude, and focusing on what's really important to her.

Courtney is a mom to two young children. She and her husband enjoy spending time with them in the Colorado outdoors.

"Go with what life gives you," says Courtney. "There are bumps in a career path. But have some grit. Weather the storm and keep your eye on the prize."