Gerry Weil: My Schwab Story


By Melissa Brandon on 05/02/2019

Gerry Weil

One of the first things Gerry Weil will tell you is that he’s not from Texas, but “he got here as fast as he could.” That being said, Gerry notes he has “strong Texas pride with strong Ohio roots.”  The Schwabbie who brings 23 years of experience in the Branch Network, and now leads the Galleria and Sugarland Branches in the Houston area.  The Galleria Branch is moving to a brand new location in the Houston area next year.  Gerry says the new location is a great example of Schwab focusing on modern wealth management.  He also notes that one of the things he loves most about working for Schwab is our shared spirit of service.

“I’m an active person with an achiever strength,” says Gerry.  “On my days off, I don’t like to sit around, I need to do something and want to give back.”

It’s that drive and true commitment to service that has kept Gerry at Schwab through the years. And the service-driven life is a value that he’s focused on with his boys.

“We’re a service oriented family,” remarks Gerry.  “I have a wife and two sons and we volunteer together at organizations like the Houston Food Bank and Lunches of Love, both organizations that help provide meals to Houston area families.  My oldest son is also an Eagle Scout and his scout project focused on helping a Boys and Girls Club in our area rebuild their library after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their entire collection of books.  Through his leadership and the efforts of Troop 1103 in Katy, Texas, the book drive collected more than 1,000 books.  And I couldn’t be more proud.”

It should come as no surprise that Gerry is very engaged in Schwab’s Volunteer Week, a firm-wide week of service where employees can take paid time off to give back to their communities. 

“One of my most memorable experience working with Schwab Volunteer Week was at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston.  Employees along with our summer interns volunteered,” remembers Gerry. “It was such a great moment to not only helping to make a positive impact in children in our community, but to make sure our Schwab interns had that complete Schwab experience as well.  This Volunteer project was nationwide and several of those interns have now joined the firm.”

Gerry says it’s one of his favorite things in life, sharing his passion for helping people both at work and at home.  “The people of Schwab are why I’m here.  That spirit that they have to give back,” he notes.  “And I get to celebrate that spirit of giving at home, when on a Sunday morning, I can motivate my teenage sons to get out of bed and go volunteer.  We’re giving back, we’re having fun, and it’s just who we are.”