Greg Gagnon’s Schwab story

Greg Ganon, Schwab employee

Greg Gagnon’s Schwab story

Military Spouses Appreciation Day pays tribute to the men and women who support those who are active in the United States Armed Forces.  This year, we meet Greg Gagnon, a Navy Veteran himself, who is very proud to support his wife’s work in the Texas Army National Guard. 

Q:  Greg, it’s nice to meet you and thank you for your service.  Tell us about your background and what you do here at Schwab.

Greg: Sure – I started at Schwab in Westlake in May of 2019 and work on the High Risk Accounts Team within the Financial Crimes Risk Management organization. It’s really interesting work. I’m also co-chair of the Military Veterans Network Employee Resource Group in Westlake.

I’ve worked in financial services for a while, but I also served in the U.S. Navy.  I spent four years in the Navy and was assigned to the USS Harry S Truman from 2003-2006 as an Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class (E-5).  I was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and also supported other NATO Operations and humanitarian efforts for things like Hurricane Katrina Relief. Serving my country was an honor.

Q:  That’s amazing service.  Thank you.  And your wife is now a member of the military?

Greg:  Yes, my wife is Captain Mariah Gagnon.  She is an attorney and also works in financial crimes and compliance in her professional life. But she is also a Judge Advocate (military attorney) in the Texas National Guard’s 36th Infantry Division.  She always wanted to join the military – and after a year-long application process, she was selected for a commission in the Judge Advocate General Corps in September of 2018.  She is set to be deployed to Kuwait in September in support of Operation Spartan Shield.  She will be deployed for about 10 months.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of her work and of her service.

Q:  Please also thank your wife for her service.  You and your wife are also parents to a little boy who is nearly three.  Your wife’s deployment is a big sacrifice for your family.

Greg:  You know, it is a bit of a sacrifice right now, but it is a reward and an honor for my family and my son.  Honestly, Mariah going into the Army was one of the reasons I decided to join Schwab.  I wanted to continue to work on my career at a place where I could also balance my family life and be a good Dad.  I chose to come to Schwab to best support my wife and son. And it’s worked out very well.