Jordan Lamoreaux’s Schwab story

Jordan Lamoreaux’s Schwab Story

Jordan Lamoreaux’s Schwab Story

By Melissa Brandon on 10/30/2018

It's not every day you meet someone who's a self-taught bagpipe player. 

It's even less likely the bagpiper is a former Marine, current Army reservist, dad, and leader of Schwab's Security Operations Center (or SOC), located at one of Schwab's Phoenix-area campuses.

It's also not the path Jordan Lamoreaux envisioned for himself when he joined the Marines at age 19. He was a radio operator attached to an artillery unit, first at Camp Pendleton in California, and then for an 11-month stint during an intense stretch of the Iraq war in 2004. After leaving the Marines following a four-year tour, Jordan joined the Army Reserve's Western Cyber Protection Center. He just returned from a tour as a reservist stationed in Kuwait.

"I spent about six months at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait as the deputy officer in charge of the military intelligence team at the Regional Cybersecurity Center (RCC) for all of Southwest Asia. Camp Arifjan is the theater gateway to the Middle East," said Jordan. "Much like how Schwab has cybersecurity operations, the RCC at Camp Arifjan is very similar, and I spent my time there helping the transition of the intel team to become a more cyber threat-based team."

Jordan holds a bachelor's degree in computer science, network administration, and engineering as well as a master's degree in information assurance and cybersecurity from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City. He is now the managing director of Schwab's SOC and has worked for other financial services firms. But Jordan says a big reason he chose Schwab is because of its commitment to veterans.

"Schwab is very supportive of veterans like me. One of the reasons I chose Schwab is because of the military benefits," said Jordan. "In addition to supporting veterans through charitable work and through employee resource groups like the Military Veteran's Network, the firm offers differential pay for those in the military who get called to serve. That was a huge benefit for me and my family when I was called up this year. Plus, my team is so amazing. They sent me care packages while I was deployed."

Now back at home, Jordan oversees a team of security analysts who work around the clock watching out for Schwab clients and potential cyberattacks and threats.

"Above our video wall, where we monitor systems, we have one of our CEO Walt Bettinger's Guiding Principles posted to remind us why we're here," said Jordan. "The Principle reads, ‘Trust is everything. Earned over time. Lost in an instant.' And for us, it's a reminder that we're here to protect Schwab's clients and Schwab's longstanding reputation each and every day."

Away from work, Jordan's also a proud husband and dad to three boys, one of whom was born just after Jordan returned from Kuwait this summer. He participates in Spartan Races and plays the bagpipes to stay in touch with his Scottish heritage. Jordan plays in a pipe and drum band and also at events honoring military members.

And for Jordan, he's glad to be back in his home state of Arizona, continuing his work on behalf of Schwab's clients. "I really love working at Schwab. I learn something new every day. I work with intelligent people and this work is challenging. It is a great next step in my career."