Military spouse finds promising career opportunity at Schwab

Latrice Langhorne

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"Having your own identity as a military spouse can be challenging. And I'm really excited to have the chance at Schwab to establish my own identity and build my career." Latrice Langhorne is a new employee at Charles Schwab, having joined the El Paso Service Center in the summer of 2017. She's working as a senior specialist in operations taking client calls and helping them establish accounts.

Latrice grew up in Farmville, Virginia, and met her husband who joined the Army and is now a specialist with the 32nd Air Missile Command based in Fort Bliss, Texas.

"It's not a commonly talked about issue, but when you're a military spouse you don't get a lot of say in life's more practical matters, like where you'll live or how long you'll stay. And that situation can make it difficult for a military spouse to build and maintain a career."

Before arriving in El Paso, Latrice had worked in financial services and holds both Series 7 and 63 licenses and is studying for the 9/10. She and her new husband have already lived in North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas during their marriage. Latrice says she was thrilled when she found she could bring her qualifications to work in her new hometown.

"Finding this role at Schwab means a lot. When I got here, I wanted to have some identity. I wanted to use my training and skills. I wanted to grow my career without having to start and stop each time we move. I'm hopeful that I can really build my career at Schwab," said Latrice.

Latrice found her role at Schwab through the Military Spouses Employment Partnership (MSEP), of which Schwab is a member. The partnership works with corporations to help military spouses find work they're qualified to do as they relocate around the country.

"It's such an honor for Schwab to be a part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership," says Jodie Meyerov, senior specialist in talent acquisition at Schwab. "This partnership led us to Latrice and others, and will continue to help Schwab engage an important talent resource in this country—military spouses."

As for Latrice, she says she's excited to be working for a company that puts the client first. "My coworkers are great and have been so welcoming. And I love talking to clients and focusing on their needs."

Latrice is also finding other ways to engage and give back. She is now working with other military spouses to help them find work placement and also helps them write resumes.

Said Latrice of her new role at Schwab, "I love it here. I hope I have a chance to build my career at Schwab well into the future."