Michelle Vanhof: My Schwab Story


By Melissa Brandon on 05/01/2019

Michelle Vanhof

Ten years at Schwab marks 10 times Michelle Vanhof has participated in Schwab Volunteer Week.

“I volunteer because I believe it’s important to help others,” remarks Michelle.  “And for me, it’s extremely important to be a good role model for my kids, to show them it’s important to have a good heart and to help others and to apply that to their lives as they grow up.”

Michelle lives in Phoenix and is a busy, married mom of two girls.  Originally from Michigan, Michelle has lived in Arizona since she was a child and now works as a team manager in Trading Operations in Phoenix.

“I love the people at Schwab,” says Michelle.  “We are like one big happy family.  I’ve always felt appreciated at Schwab and ten years later feel very fortunate to be here.”

In her earlier days at Schwab, Michelle worked as a volunteer and moved on to leading volunteer teams during each Schwab Volunteer Week.  And for the last four years, she has served as the lead Schwab Volunteer Week coordinator for the Phoenix campuses.  In those most recent years, participation in Phoenix’s Schwab Volunteer Week has doubled and Michelle is expecting more than 1,200 Phoenix Schwabbies to give their time and talent back to their communities this May.

“It’s really amazing that Schwab has such a commitment to volunteering,” says Michelle.  “Schwab wants us, as employees, to be well rounded.  I don’t know of many companies that focus on that.  And it’s one of the most amazing benefits Schwab offers.”

Michelle is also focused on making sure that her Phoenix colleagues have a chance to use their paid time to volunteer each and every year. 

“In Phoenix, we’re focusing on making sure we’re giving back our community throughout the year,” says Michelle. “So we’re setting up additional volunteer opportunities for those who cannot participate in our May events. I think that’s another demonstration of Schwab’s true passion for volunteering.  Schwab recognizes that its employees are important and our communities are important as well.  It’s just a special place to work.”



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