Women in finance: Monica Donner

Women in Finance: Monica Donner

Women in finance: Monica Donner

By Melissa Brandon on 04/26/2018

"We're in Texas and neighboring Louisiana, so our motto is 'Be Bold and Think Big!'" says Monica Donner, regional market executive for Charles Schwab. She and her team oversee the network of Charles Schwab branch locations in both states.

Monica's Schwab story is a unique one. She received a degree in art history from the University of Georgia before moving to New Mexico. Monica found her way to Schwab in an associate financial consultant role in the Albuquerque branch and within four years was registered and leading the branch in Santa Fe. Her time at Schwab has taken her across the country; Monica has led branches in Dallas as well as in Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte, North Carolina. She's now based in Austin.

"This is my dream job. I love to build strong, highly engaged teams. And the work we do impacts our clients and their lives," says Monica.  "My job is to build successful investors and to develop our talented people to care for clients and support their wealth management needs."

With a tenure of 24 years, it's easy to see that Monica enjoys her work. Monica says there are some pretty key reasons why she stays. "It's the people. It's knowing every day that we're doing the right thing for our clients. We have the products and services that put the client first."

When it comes to financial advice, Monica says, "Everyone should have a plan. A plan for retirement, a plan for whatever is important to you. You can't get where you're going if you don't have a plan to get there."

Away from work, Monica also enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and two boys.