Women in technology: Sarah Otts

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Women in Technology: Sarah Otts

By Melissa Brandon on 01/26/2018

"I chose Schwab because, as a new college graduate, I wanted to work for a large company where I could focus on my personal and professional growth. It's a place I've been able to advance my career and find balance."

Texas A&M graduate Sarah Otts has spent the last two-and-a-half years working for Schwab as a software applications engineer. Initially, she worked on a check deposit application, but has recently transitioned to a status hub project to help clients interact with their account online. 

Sarah says she chose Schwab because of its opportunity, its flexibility, and the work/life balance the company provides. She's particularly interested in people management and moving into that type of role. Sarah also studied Agile in school and enjoys putting it into practice in her work environment.   

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys playing video games, running, and taking care of her two dogs.