Steve R. Frost: My Schwab story

Steve R. Frost: My Schwab Story

By Jerilyn Soncrant on 04/23/2018

We sat down with Steve to learn what drew him to work at Schwab and what inspires him to come to work every day.

Q: Tell us about how you came to work at Schwab.

SF: I was looking to make a career change. I came from an oil and gas company and had been working overseas a lot. I've always had an interest in financial services and started doing my own trading in 1999. I started looking into becoming a financial consultant, but finding a company whose business model aligned with my beliefs was challenging until I found Schwab. With Schwab, it's about the client, and that's something I could stand behind, so I applied for the associate, Brokerage Service representative and here I am.  

Q: What do you love most about #SchwabLife?

SF: I haven't run into an ego or any backstabbing. People are here to help you be successful and ultimately make Schwab successful.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?

SF: I love introducing our clients to our website, showing them our homepage and its research or guidance tabs. I explain how they can use the site to educate themselves and show them its offerings. I love speaking with clients, but I also know they appreciate learning how to get answers they need on their own.

Q: What attribute plays the biggest role in your work?

SF: Empathy. Oftentimes a customer is embarrassed they locked themselves out of their account, so empathizing with them and providing good service is key. I also take the time to understand good vs. bad service. For example, if a client is in a hurry, I will meet their need and conclude the conversation. But other clients call in and want to talk about life in general—so I pay attention to the verbal cue so I can meet the client where they are.
Q: What are your day-to-day responsibilities like?
SF: I am a customer service representative and can take between 30–70 calls a day. Some of the calls are as simple as a password reset, and other calls are more around counseling or teaching clients something new. I focus on taking the conversation a little deeper so clients hang up having a better understanding of all the capabilities we have here at Schwab.