Susan Williams’ Schwab story

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Susan Williams’ Schwab Story

By Melissa Brandon on 10/30/2018

If you ask a Schwab employee what first drew them to the company, many of them might simply say "growth."  Ask Susan Williams and she'll say that's true.

"We had moved a lot as my husband was in the Army, and when we got stationed in El Paso I wanted to get back to work," remembers Susan. "I took a job in Schwab's mail room and eight months later I moved into one of their document control teams. After waiting a couple of years to start my licensing, I completed my 7, 63, and 9/10 licenses in less than a year. And now I'm a team manager. I went from the mail room to a team leader pretty fast. I think it was a combination of my prior skills and experience and my willingness to work hard that helped me grow quickly at Schwab."

Susan grew up in Michigan and married her husband Cole after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in marketing. After several moves with the Army and a few overseas deployments for Cole, Susan says she was excited when she found Schwab. She says she fell in love with the company on day one.

"I think a lot of military spouses feel like they can't have a career, but that wasn't the case for me when I came to Schwab. I got here and felt like I could really build a career. I love my team, the culture, and just coming in to work every day."

Susan and her team serve as the first touch of client documents that come into Schwab, the literal first line of defense. It's important work. And Susan says she feels good about what she does at the end of the day. 

"I get satisfaction out of what I'm doing every day. I feel accomplished when I go home. And I feel like I've done something that matters."

Away from work, Susan enjoys spending time with Cole and her young daughter. As a further testament to her love of Schwab, Susan referred Cole to Schwab and he joined the company earlier this year working in Schwab's Account Solutions department. Cole was honorably discharged from the Army in 2017 after nearly 12 years of service. He was working at Schwab as a contractor one week later and became a full-time employee less than six months after that.

"Come join us at Schwab," says Susan. "You really can make your way up."