Schwab Volunteer Week: Susie Mesina

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Schwab Volunteer Week: Susie Mesina

By Melissa Brandon on 05/16/2018

If you ask a Schwabbie what one of their favorite traditions is at the firm, one of the most popular answers is likely to be Schwab Volunteer Week (SVW). This year the annual event is celebrating its 15th anniversary of Schwab employees from across the country taking time away from work to give back to their communities.

There are just a handful of Schwab employees that can claim a unique position at the firm, as someone who has participated in each and every SVW. One of those employees is the San Francisco-based Susie Mesina.

Susie is a native of the Philippines, and has worked at Schwab for more than 19 years. She is currently a senior specialist for legal support for Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. Susie is truly a volunteer at heart.

"My interest in volunteering started when I was in high school in the Philippines," said Susie. "Our school would take us to areas where people were not as fortunate and we would give them care packages. The people, their eyes would just light up when they received the packages. There's just so much joy in seeing that happen for others."

After her first three years volunteering for SVW, Susie was asked to lead a team of other Schwab volunteers. Ever since, Susie has led employees through projects that have supported multiple causes.

"One of my favorite projects has been supporting the Pomeroy Center in the Bay Area," said Susie. "It's a center that supports members of our community that have disabilities. I love meeting the people and helping improve their experience."

Away from work, Susie also spends her free time volunteering, often for Project Open Hand, which provides nutritious meals to the sick and elderly in the Bay Area.

With her obvious commitment to her community, Susie says having an employer like Schwab, who shares her passion for volunteerism, is important to her. 

"Schwab is about caring for people. It's not just about finances here. We have a heart. A big heart."

In 2017, SVW included more than 6,000 volunteers who contributed more than 24,000 hours to communities across the country.


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