Women in finance: Taeshima White

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Women in Finance: Taeshima White

By Melissa Brandon on 04/26/2018

For Taeshima White, her Schwab story started back in her home state of Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in finance, and after some time as a manager in the retail industry, she went looking for the right financial services company and found a role as a broker trainee with Charles Schwab.

"I chose Schwab because they supported me right away in getting licensed. I was really looking for growth and opportunity, a place where I could build a career. I've now been here for 12 years," says Taeshima, who is a managing director overseeing multiple client service and support teams in Westlake, Texas.

After starting her Schwab story handling client calls, Taeshima had a chance to work in a variety of roles, one of which was a training facilitator in Indianapolis. Taeshima knew that one of the keys to her career success was a breadth of experience, so she set her sights on gathering as many opportunities as she could find. Her next stop was in Chicago to work in a branch as an associate financial consultant for over two years before returning to the Hoosier state with Schwab, where she worked as an acting team manager and lead. Then it was off to Phoenix for additional career growth and leadership opportunities where Taeshima first worked as a managing director overseeing multiple teams.  

"So far in my career, I've always been willing to relocate, and by doing so I've really had the chance to build an amazing network here at Schwab," says Taeshima. "It's opened up amazing opportunities for me and provided me experiences that may not have been available as quickly by remaining in locale. I always say 'I go where the business needs me.' "

Now Taeshima says she gets to focus on two of her biggest work passions: serving clients and leading people. "I love what Schwab does for clients and employees. I feel like I'm really here to support people and to help them become better versions of themselves. And that's where my values line up so well with Schwab. I cannot imagine being anywhere else," says Taeshima. "I really have the chance to help my team and our clients pursue their goals." 

Now a member of Schwab's new Westlake team, Taeshima is excited to continue to grow her career. "I love the fact that we are in a new place where we are growing our brand and team Texas-style. There is so much potential here."

In her spare time, Taeshima is a mom to two young boys who love swimming, movies, and popcorn. She says that her Schwab career has allowed her the time necessary to manage both her work and home live. "As a working mom, I focus on enjoying life and not on perfection. My advice to other working moms is to figure out what works best for you and your family and to be willing to share those priorities and boundaries with your teams to ensure you are able to have harmony of both."