Standing together: Celebrating our Schwabbies


April 16, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

Over the past year, more than 95% of Schwab and TDA employees have had the ability to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been heroic efforts on the part of many of our colleagues, whether it’s teams in technology, security, building engineers, mailroom staff, café workers across the firm or the custodial teams who keep our campuses clean. Much of that work falls to partners in Corporate Real Estate and Security at both Schwab and TDA, where teams have spent countless hours to keep our locations safe and open.

Giselle McKenna and Nancy Morris are two of those Schwabbies who’ve led the charge to keep our employees and clients safe. The pair work as a team; Giselle and her team source and design everything from social-distancing decals to hand-sanitizer stations and client drop boxes, then turn their work over to Nancy and her team who are responsible for implementation and enforcement of established protocols. Giselle and Nancy agree, much has been learned and accomplished over the past year.

I think this experience reminded me about the beauty and benefit of collaboration,” remarks Giselle. “It’s also been a reminder about the importance of being transparent, honest, collaborative and flexible.”

“I think I was reminded of our true commitment to our clients and employees,” agrees Nancy. “We are much stronger than we knew and I’m just so proud of our teams.”

That hard work and sentiment has been no different at TDA. The safety and facilities team on that side of the firm say they’ve learned important lessons.

“We’re in the business of problem solving,” says Cory Wells who works in facilities at TDA. “The pandemic has reinforced the importance of our best practices and operating procedures, and we were prepared to respond to a major event like this one. It was reassuring during such a stressful time.”

Ronnie Sei, who works in safety and health at TDA, agrees. “My goal during these unprecedented times has been to positively impact as many of our associates as possible by offering help and resources. I’ve learned so many skills that will serve me well as we move past what we hope is the end of this difficult time.”

Debra Baker, who serves as TDA’s Chief Corporate Security Officer, and who’s taking on responsibilities for similar work across both firms, says it’s people that both matter and have made all the difference.

“Our priority has been and continues to be on the importance of our human capital,” says Debra. “We’ve made the investments needed to keep our people safe and our environment as clean as possible. Our return to office will be thoughtful and well-coordinated. And I want to encourage everyone to remember what a great job we’ve done—keep it going, don’t let your guard down just yet.”

“What I really want our employees to remember,” says Beth Gambaro of Schwab’s corporate real estate organization, “is that we are all in this together. We have come so far, and we will be excited to welcome employees back to our amazing campuses once it’s safe to do so. Things will be both the same and different, but our goal is to make each person feel safe and comfortable as they return to work.”