Statement on Current Events


Yesterday, we shared the following message with our employees:

We are sure all of you have seen the disturbing images of the unprecedented events today at the U.S. Capitol. Peaceful protests are a long-honored tradition in this country, but there can be no justification for the violence we witnessed today, or violence in any form.

Here at Schwab, we can do our part by making sure we continue to treat each other and our clients with respect and care in the days ahead. While we realize the events leading up to today, as well as today’s events, are very disturbing, please continue to maintain a focus on serving our clients, who rely on us during times of uncertainty such as these now.

Despite the violence we have witnessed throughout 2020, culminating in today’s events, we remain optimistic that collectively our citizens will rise above our political differences and come together as one in support of the country. Finally, thank you for supporting and caring for each other during these challenging times.

Schwab Executive Council