Thankful in 2020


As 2020 comes to a close, Schwab and TD Ameritrade employees reflect on a year of change and uncertainty and share what they remain hopeful for.

Jennifer C., TDA - Southlake, TX

“I’m thankful that my team was able to pivot and continue to work from home amid COVID-19 successfully. I’m also thankful for all the things I once took for granted: time with my friends and family, a home, and my health.”

Tom F., Schwab - Phoenix, AZ

“In response to what has seemed like almost continuous change and uncertainty over the course of 2020, I’m grateful for my team’s dedication, resilience, and passion for supporting their fellow teammates as they continue to consistently deliver high quality results.”

Craig M., Schwab - El Paso, TX

“I’m thankful that Schwab has not wavered in its commitment to clients or employees, and for the mental security that allows me to focus my efforts every day.”

Dave M., TDA - Southlake, TX

“I’m thankful that this is the group of people I’m locked down with. Considering the number of dogs, I’m also very thankful for our Roomba. Professionally, I’m thankful for the great opportunity we have to make a difference in our clients and associates’ lives every day!”

(Photo taken 2019)

Giselle M., Schwab - New York, NY

“I’m thankful for the health and welfare of my friends and family. I didn’t realize how grateful I would be to take in the stunning fall foliage as I drove along the Bronx River Parkway this season.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall and I almost missed it this year. It reminded me that not everything has changed or stopped.  Nature is my new go-to whenever I yearn for some semblance of normalcy.” 

Randy M., TDA - Chicago, IL

“I'm thankful for my supportive wife, technology that allows us to stay in touch with friends and family, and our giant family photo collection which has helped me relive memories.

Professionally, I'm thankful for the hardworking and high-integrity people I get to spend my time with every day, and lightning fast Wi-Fi for video conferencing that enabled us all to maintain relationships and keep our momentum during this global pandemic.”

Chuck Q., TDA - Omaha, NE

“I’m thankful for the extra time I got to be with my wife, daughter, son and two dogs. The soccer matches in the back yard, basketball games in the driveway, bike rides and long walks have made some great memories. Our family mostly appreciates the people who sacrifice every day to provide essential services in our community.”

Ben S., Schwab - Austin, TX

“I’m thankful to have gotten to know my leaders on a deeper, and more personal level. From family pets, to business priorities, I feel we have a greater level of connectedness as a team that makes us more effective in our roles.”

Gautam V., Schwab - Westlake, TX

“At work I’m thankful for a firm that is doing everything it can during these unprecedented times to ensure that our clients and employees are well taken care of.  At home, I’m thankful for my family being together – and even being cooped up at home all day, it turns out we still like each other.”