How to Improve Your Online Brand in 7 Days

By Shannon Grimes on 07/07/2015

Let’s face it: social media and the internet have taken over our lives! Perceptions and desires that once were driven by “traditional” media such as television and print are now controlled by the almighty mobile device.  Many have tried to resist the impact of social media on our daily lives, scoffing at the “poor etiquette” or “lack of real conversation” that technology has created. Love it or hate it, this new way of obtaining information is here to stay.  So, will you allow social and online media to enhance or inhibit your online brand?

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The Power of Mentoring

By Michelle Shea on 06/23/2015

I started my career at the tender age of 19.  New to the working world, I didn’t really know just yet what I wanted to do with my life – I only knew that I wanted to learn and grow, and I hoped that wherever my path led, I would achieve professional success. Throughout my career I have been influenced by many people; some have driven me forward and some have held me back.  I’d like to share the story of one of the single most important relationships that has helped drive my career forward; it’s about a person who took me under his wing but also let me fly on my own when the time was right. This is the story of my mentor.

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Three Reasons to Always Be Networking

By Christine Lane on 06/09/2015

As a Schwabbie who landed her current role through networking, I jumped at the chance to share my expertise in this area.  Building relationships through networking has made a positive impact on my life and I specifically want to share why networking should be a lifelong activity, not just a tool you leverage only when you need something.

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Tipping the Scale: Finding Balance as a Working Parent

By Allison Hubbard on 05/13/2015

We all play many roles in life. From spouse to child to friend to colleague, most of us are striving to shine in all facets of our lives. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on just about everyone! When I became a mom for the first time just three years ago, a new role was added to my already lengthy cast of characters – I was now a working parent.

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Millennial Myth Busters: Breaking Down Millennial Stereotypes

By Michelle Shea on 04/28/2015

Self-centered. Too technology focused. Dreamers. We know it all. We need constant affirmation. These are some of the negative characteristics and traits used to explain my generation - the Millennial generation (those born from 1982-2004).  The Millennial generation is no different than the Boomer’s, X’ers or Y’ers before us; stereotyped, characterized, classified, and generalized by those that came before them.

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Communication Chameleon: Adapting Your Style for the Workplace

By Darren Kanthal on 04/14/2015

Do you know what your personal brand is? Are you sure? Remember, it’s not just about how you perceive yourself, but how others perceive you. Sometimes these two perceptions are out of synch. I discovered this the hard way…and made a concerted effort to course correct. Here’s my story…   

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Career Reflections: What I Wish I Had Known From the Start

By Shannon Grimes on 03/31/2015

There are countless proverbs and sayings about the desire to go back in time for a chance to do better than we did the first time around. Unfortunately, the likelihood of time travel hovers around slim to none for most of us, so we must play with the cards we are dealt.

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The Corporate Ladder: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Ashley Eagan on 03/17/2015

I began my career at Schwab, a bright-eyed recent college grad just five short years ago in search of a career with purpose that would spark my passion. It was an exciting but overwhelming notion – with nothing but opportunity ahead of me, which direction would I take and where would I land?

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Starting from the Bottom: 5 Strategies for Advancing Your Career

By Jay Cocorullo on 03/03/2015

While I cannot put myself in the company of those successful CEOs (yet), I can attest to the pay offs of getting your foot in the door with an entry-level role and working your way up.

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A Career…. Without College?

By Shannon Grimes on 02/17/2015

Lyrics from one of my favorite classic songs by Paul Simon come to mind as I reflect on my career journey.  It’s true ladies and gentlemen; I, Shannon Grimes, do not have a bachelor’s degree.

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